Friday, September 17


Haven't been here for a while. There's been nothing worth sharing.

Until this:

Read it.

Gods bless Bill Moyers.


Anonymous said...

I think there exists a pretty big problem with the media in general, of course including journalism. Because the media are competing for viewers, I can see no reason why the whole "infotainment" thing won't continue to spin out of control. However, if the government directly controlled the media that would also be bad for obvious reasons. As a result, I see no easy solution.


Shawn Scarber said...

We have three opinion outlets in this country. The news, talk radio, and the blogosphere. Journalism is supposed to search out the truth, but that's kind of hard to do when you already believe you know the truth and are just looking for "facts" to support that truth.

Anonymous said...

Off topic from your post, but I was wondering if you'd gotten a chance to check out the Star Wars OT DVDs. Just curious if seeing them again in their new pristine incarnations, in combination with your work on the ROTS novel, has amped up the nostalgia at all for you.

- Cory

Robert James said...

Hey Matt, I found this link to some preview art from the upcoming GrimJack mini. Thought you might be interested....

If that link doesn't work, go to, the article is at the top of the page at the moment.

Robert James said...

Hey Matt, thought you might be interested in some preview are for the upcoming GrimJack mini by Ostrander and Truman. It should be one of the articles at the top of the page at

HAWKi102 said...

Matt, you don't think the Dan Rather story is worth blogging about?

Anonymous said...


Time for you to gloat more:

> And the question I have is how are you liking Heroes Die?

Their reply was:

You know MWS? Hey, that's pretty cool. So far I'm liking it, but I expected to since I read Blade of Tyshalle first and enjoyed the heck out of it. I'd been meaning to read Heroes Die for a while now, and started reading it the other day while waiting out a power outage. Next time you see him, tell him "thanks" for the entertainment?

Just thought I'd let you know :P


MWS said...

Hey, Jenn. You know I love to hear that stuff.

Thanks for feeding the Beast -- er, stoking my authorial ego . . .

Anonymous said...

No problem :P

I do what I can, where I can, when I can :)

(Meaning that I pimp you like crazy)