Thursday, September 10

A proposed slogan for the 2010 mid-terms:

Vote Republican, because we're BATSHIT INSANE.

Tuesday, September 8


Heroes Die is the Book of the Month over at Joseph Mallozzi's very popular blog. He's providing a forum for reader Q&A, as well as providing a darn nice write-up of his reactions to the story. This came about through the good offices of John Scalzi, so any of you rabid Caine fans can blow kisses in his Hugocentric direction for helping to Keep the Dream Alive. But no biting.

And no jumping up and down on the heads of people who didn't like the book. I mean it.


Yeah, I play the casting game too. Though if this were to ever become a film or a TV series, I strongly suspect that it will be cast with people

1.) I've never heard of, or

2) I can't stand, or

3) both.

And I've never come up with strong picks for the three female characters.

Thursday, September 3

Now, this is interesting . . .

Related to the conversation a couple of posts back about the Department of Veteran's Affairs, it appears we have some Actual Numbers, courtesy of the Rand Corporation and the Congressional Budget Office.

Not that I've waded through all these; I'm just sharing the links so that those who are interested in Actual Numbers know where to find some.