Thursday, September 10

A proposed slogan for the 2010 mid-terms:

Vote Republican, because we're BATSHIT INSANE.


Burke said...


They really are melting down these days, aren't they?

Max Kaehn said...

I keep trying to sell disgruntled conservatives on instant-runoff voting so parties could fragment without running into the dreaded “spoiler effect”, but haven’t had many show much enthusiasm.

Guy said...

This guy's good for a damn good laugh, or some very depressed crying depending on how deeply you want to think about it.

It doesn't matter if you vote Democrat, or Republican, or even for Ralph Nader; you're still electing a politician.

And this politician is out of his fucking mind. What is it with crazy politicians in South Carolina anyhow? Strom Thurmond, this idiot...where will it end?!

Knightfall1138 said...

The Conservative Party: We'll keep death panels where they the private insurance sector.

Pizzope said...

Oh, the joys of living in a red state (Texas) are infinite.

There's nothing quite like hearing people you once thought sane and/or rational share their fear of Obama's attempt to "brainwash our kids".

Guy said...

They're scared the Llama will brainwash their kids but they're not breaking down the doors to set fire* to Hannah Montana first?

*a metaphorical fire made of ice cream and love**

**in case the police come for me.

Master Doh-San said...

The GOP will probably come up with something on the order of "We're not as bad as they are".

Michael said...

which one is hannah montana? the spanish cartoon?

Guy said...

She's Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter, that country singer guy. Disney created her. Scientology wants her. No one can stop her.

Anonymous said...

This post is rather late, but I've been slacking with my reading. It's been quite some time since I last posted...

In response to the comments a few days ago about health care: I would definitely like to buy one of those shirts Lestack was talking about.


Guy said...

Who would win between:

Caine vs. Batman?

Barra vs. Batman?

Caine vs. Kratos?

Ma'elKoth vs. Batman?

Ma'elKoth vs. The Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)?

Mace Windu vs. Caine?

Mace Windu vs. Ma'elKoth?

Ma'elKoth vs. Superman?

Ma'elKoth vs. the IRS?

Caine vs. The Hulk?

Ma'elKoth vs. The Hulk?

Caine vs. Roland Deschain?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give a shit who won, so long as I had ringside tickets.

Anonymous said...

Also I want to see Vergere vs. Kreia.

In a debate.

Curt Long said...

"I wouldn't give a shit who won, so long as I had ringside tickets."
Ciane wins vs all ..
In a free for all royal rumble
last man standing (sort of) will always be Caine.

MWS said...


That is indeed a Caine-style move.

I like this guy a lot, actually; his run as Lindsey on Angel was fucking impressive. He's a good actor, and a believable purveyor of whipass.

Alex said...

On the subject of GOP antics and healthcare, I've found one group that's a breath of fresh air:

Saw clips of them on the Rachel Maddow Show and I have to say I'm inspired.

Anonymous said...

Batman ROCKS! I always suspected StarWars was a Godless Liberal universe of squalor and ineptitude!

Guy said...

Star Wars rocks. In the hand of pre-prequel George Lucas, Bioware, Matt Stover and...except for the fantastic artwork, that pretty much covers what's worth mentioning of my foray into the Star Wars universe.

I have to consider the prequels noncanon material. I refuse to believe the Jedi were amoral, slavery-ignoring, utterly incompetent agents of a nonsense political system; or that Anakin Skywalker had that kind of upbringing or became that version of a young man.

Batman does kick ass though, and Arkham Asylum is now one of my more favored games. On the same list as KOTOR.

Knightfall1138 said...

High-five, Guy. KotOR is an amazing game. As I've said before, I could die contented if Matt Stover was to write Revan's story.

Die, I tell you.

Guy said...

Right back atcha, Knights!

Whenever Caine says 'Yeah, whatever' he does it in Snake Plissken's voice in my head. You know what beats that level of awesome? Only a drunken bear riding a crazed lion, and you have to go to Russia for that kind of shit.

Robert said...

Hey Matt, figured you might get a chuckle out of this:

In an online game myself and a few friends are playing I've decided we'll be forming our guild under the name of "The Knights of Cant".

Anyone who asks about the name will be advised to pick up Heroes Die at their nearest chance.

Speaking of the Knights though, I have a question about that particular group. What was the genesis of the Kingdom of Cant's name? It always seemed like it was a cynical play on words of some sort and I've wondered how it originated.