Sunday, October 4

Hey, Lunatic Fringe. I know you're out there.

I have been overcome with a sudden desire to see Caine/Overworld-related fan art. Anybody who's got a dusty image or two, please post links in the comment section. (I'm looking at YOU, Greg . . .)

Oh, and only post your own shit; if there's an image that you think should be posted but wasn't done by you, encourage the actual artist to drop by and stick it up. Er . . . you know what I mean.

There are a variety of Stover-related things in the offing, including a New and Improved Web Presence.

Watch this space for details.


Adam said...

I'm not sure if my David will ever be finished, or fit for public viewing. But if it is, you'll get to view it here, first.

MWS said...


Tan'elKoth told me the same thing.

Adam said...

Yeah, well, my studio isn't going to catch on fire.

Eric said...

Yeah, that's an "ouch."

MWS said...

That is mildly reminiscent of Greg's stuff . . . though your url is missing the final "g". Thanks for the post.

Charlie said...

Dear MWS,

Emphasis on the "dusty", but I wanted to show my enthusiasm and I did at least set out to draw Caine here.

Much love.

MWS said...

Hey, not bad. I dig the angularity. Reminds me a little of a comics illustrator whose name escapes me right now, but he did a couple indie books in the 80's -- THE PROWLER and FASHION ASSASSINS.

Really: not bad.

D. Boots said...

Now this makes me want finish up my picture I've been working on here and there since like '07. Time to pull out the pen tablet and find the old pencil art.

Anonymous said...

Completely OT, but thank you MWS for some great reads. Had to buy Blade used, but what an incredible book. And CBK was one hell of a ride. Heart of Bronze is up next.

Anonymous said...

The more of The Great MWS there is on the net, the better, really.

Now you and Charlie Stross need to duke it out for Most Stupendous Badass on the internet. Stephenson and Gibson did it, so you have no excuse!

- Ilya

MWS said...

I keep hearing about Charles Stross, but I've never read him. Any specific titles to recommend?

James said...

I'd suggest these
The Atrocity Archives - Len Deighton channels HP Lovecraft
Iron Sunrise - Space opera with teeth
Saturns Children - Heinleinesque Hugo finalist

MWS said...

I was gonna use The Atrocity Archives as the name of my new blogsite.


James said...

Sounds like causus belli for the Most Stupendous Badass Donnybook right there!

Anonymous said...

I can't see you liking his novel 'Halting State', as it's written in the second person and features a goodly amount of infodumping, but his Merchant Princess novels, beginning with 'The Family Trade' might be more up your alley. Barring that, I'd suggest you try picking up 'Saturn's Children', which is his tribute to Heinlein. At the very least it would give the two of you, should you ever meet, the chance to swap opinions and ideas about the guy.


NSB said...

And I gave up on THE MERCHANT PRINCES very quickly. Couldn't get into Book 1, can't remember why.

WarlordGrego said...

I love you Matt, I really do.

I've been really busy at work, and haven't picked up a pencil in over a month. I'm trying to get back into it, its just hard as shit. But, I promise to give it the ole college try.

anyways, I have a couple pics on my deviantart.

I drew this picture of my dad, but then realized that My dad looks like Caine :D


WarlordGrego said...

Also, I have this:

It was shitcanned because it sucked balls.

This one, I actually liked. I showed it to MWS a few years ago, and he said "Not bad...but not good" :D

Melissa Courville said...

Hey Matt!

I've been a long time follower of your blog, but this is my first time commenting. (To be honest, I'm really nervous d= )

I adore your Acts of Caine Series, and have been pushing them on people for years. All of them fell in love with the story.

I'm an animation student, so when I read you wanted to see some fanart, I had to deliver. I like to imagine being able to make your novels into an animated movie someday. d=

Here's the quick rough of my drawing. Hope they look like the characters.

WarlordGrego said...

That is pretty damn awesome

Melissa Courville said...

Why thank you. =)

I had seen yours on DA a couple of months ago. They made me so happy. There's so few art of this series out there.

MWS said...

Hey, nice work, Melissa. I don't think the cartoony style looks bad on them at all.

Really: nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt -

1st) I'm a right-winger, so to speak, and I like how you and the majority of your leftist types resort to name calling, slander, character assassination, etc. Very typical to get off issues and onto name calling.

HOWEVER, the real reason I'm writing:

2nd) I just read "Revenge of the Sith" for the 3rd time this week after just getting it. I just wanted to say it is BRILLIANT.
I wish they had done the movie patterned after your work/interpretation of the story, it was freaking awesome.
I love the way you incorporated the martial arts into the jedi lightsaber combat and invented styles that were not only really cool, but perfectly fit the characters/personalities/styles.
As a lifelong martial artist, I am very impressed by your work here, and the way you portrayed the seduction of Anakin to the dark side was sheer brilliance.

Going to go buy your other works, looking forward to reading them.

again, ty for writing Revenge - it was a masterpiece work in every detail.

Anonymous said...

RIght-winger part 2:

oh btw,
#1 - I don't hate Obama. I think he's a good man with good intentions. I like many of his ideas.
#2 - I was strongly opposed to Bush in his continuation of the Afghan war and going into Iraq at all. That was idiocy that is killing us financially and spilling the blood of our youth. Unacceptable.
#3 - I would love to correspond further, but I know I'm just going to be attacked on all sides by the left, so i wont' read responses.

ps. again, ROTS was effing AWESOME. Going to read it again this week.


MWS said...


First: I'm not left-wing. Second: the left did not popularize the tactic of demonizing dissent; you can thank Newt Gringrich and Tom DeLay for that (and Lee Atwater for virtually inventing its use in modern American politics). Third: I don't allow anonymous posts on this blog.

I'm going to make an exception for you because 1) you have very nice things to say about my work, and 2) I don't want you to feel unwelcome here due to your political persuasion.

You're welcome to come by and chime in on any subject, political or otherwise. Just pick a name, huh?

MWS said...

Oh, and you're wrong about being attacked on your left.

People 'round these parts will punch you from straight up front.

As a lifelong martial artist, one hope you can take a couple.

And pick a name.

Guy said...

Personal attacks in American politics go all the way back to our Founding Fathers. Ben Franklin was a right bastard, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone as evil and vindictive as Andrew Jackson.

I can't find my copy of RotS. Going to vent. Going to rage. Going to go to Barnes & Noble!

MWS said...

You noticed, I'm sure, that I wrote of "popularizing," and in the case of Lee Atwater, specifed "modern American politics."

I know that many of our Founding Fathers behaved in this way (notably Jefferson and Adams, and especially Hamilton).

The fact that some Founders did so does not make it right.

Notable by exclusion is George Washington.

And, though not among the Founders, another famous case of NOT demonizing the opposition is Abraham Lincoln -- who refused to do so even while the nation was at war, and his opponents were doing their level best fo destroy the Union.

Between you and me, I think Lincoln is a better role model than Franklin.

Guy said...

Oh yeah, I noticed. What I wrote was just a bit of trivia. I could have made a bad joke and said if you want personal attacks in politics, look at Julius Caesar.

I think Lincoln is my favorite President by being awesome, and Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite President by level of badassness. I don't know anyone who liked Nixon.