Saturday, January 9

The Nominee In the Soiled Drawers Category . . .

. . . . of the People Unclear on the Concept Award.

I'm fairly certain this is the first time I've come across a review of one of my books, positive or otherwise, that includes the phrase "pooped my pants."

Friday, January 8

Happy Matt-ers

Delivered my latest tie-in the other day (only three weeks late, which is a considerable achievement for me, these days.  I am taking a couple days off to do the sort of household tasks that fall to the wayside during bouts of Deadline Fever.

During this temporary tie-in hiatus, I am:

Working on the Barra & Co. books, in hopes that we might be able to bring them out as e-books and PoD type things later this year (finally!).

Organizing the notes & outline of His Father's Fist.

Getting my urban thriller past the outline stage, and the same for my historical(s).

Looking for a place where I can hit people and vice versa without any hard feelings or legal entanglements.

Looking into Pose/barefoot running, as it's supposed to take the stress off your knees, because mine don't have a hell of a lot of cartilage left.

That's all.

Have a nice day.

Friday, January 1