Saturday, January 29

Happy Fucking Birthday Mr Stover

Happy Birthday to Me

Y'know what I want for my birthday?

"Offer me money . . ."

"Yeah, money -- tax cuts are good fer ever'body . . ."

"Offer me anything I want . . ."

"Yes . . . property in the middle east . . . yes, anything. ANYTHING!"

I want my country back, you son of a bitch.

Where's John Dean when you need him?

I have an idea. Fuck pledging allegiance to the flag. Let's pledge allegiance to the Constitution.

That's what I did.

That's what I thought Bush did. Apparently he had other ideas . . .

It's that old conservative shuffle. We are men of principle -- right up until those principles might get in the way of power. Then we're just men.

At best.

Ahh, I always get cranky on my birthday.

Friday, January 28


Hey, Gang.

Here's the news . . .

First, the Star Wars stuff:

The Great Staggering Friggin' Gonzo Sith Tour is on -- apparently there is sufficient interest in my not-so-humble RotSing self that Del Rey is going to flog my aging ass across the whole country, though specific stops and schedule are not yet set, excepting Star Wars Celebration in Indy, which I will be Wildly Celebrating along with all the other fandroids . . .

Colleen the Publicist from Hell also wants me to keep a tour log, and post it here.

Which I think is a great idea, so I'm gonna do it. Watch this space, Gentle Reader.

Though I will not be dishing any of the dirty stuff . . . because, y'know, I'm shy, and all I want is for everyone to LIKE me . . .

Oh, okay. Save your cards and letters, huh?

The Caine Update:

I have also spoken with His Honorable Schleupness on Caine's Future . . .

CAINE BLACK KNIFE is most likely to be another trade, not unlike BLADE OF TYSHALLE. He says the only way he's likely to be able to squeeze a hardcover out of the Powers That Be is if I make CBK a virtual stand-alone.

Which I'm just not sure is going to work.

At any rate, I can't make it anything other than what it's going to be. I'm writing what I'm writing. That's the only way I can do it. I've spent four books in a row writing on other people's terms, and I AM FUCKING DONE WITH IT.

Well, until the next time somebody offers me a huge wad of money and a book tour, anyway.

There may be re-issues of HD and BoT in trades, though -- or possibly an omnibus -- though when I reminded Chris that this omnibus would total half a million words, I could hear the *doink* all the way from New York.

Anyway, I'm thinking right now that the best thing that could happen for Caine might be for HD and BoT to be re-issued in trade with NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR under my name, and nice bold letters saying --


-- and that kind of shit.

Here endeth the update.

Sunday, January 23

and more

More cheerful shit:

Frank Rich has become one of my favorite lefties. He does social and political commentary as seen through the lens of popular arts & media -- usually TV and film -- and he's really, really good at it. Terrific writer, too.

For you Caine fans out there:

Right now, it looks like I might be able to retcon my recon of CBK, to save most of the 200-plus pages already written; it's hard to say. The pieces are a jumble right now . . . I've tossed them up into the fog, and they descend in a slow-motion tumble. I have a hunch that they will click into place, but right now it's only a hunch.

It's exactly the sensation described in HEROES DIE, when Caine's preconceived notions of the situation are shattered and the shards fall into a new shape.

It just hasn't quite happened yet. The old brain just ain't as fast as it used to be.

Probably the meds.

Friday, January 21

Christ help the United States

I can't even talk about this. Read it.

Monday, January 17

Holy Shit I'm back

Holy Shit, I'm Back . . . !

Thanks again to the (mostly) indefatigable -- or at least unsinkable -- gabe [hypermode] chouinard.

Looking over my final post from the beginning of October, I discover that (thanks this time to the truly indefatigable folks at LFL and Mr George Lucas) I am STILL in the process of hammering out the final reconceptualization of CAINE BLACK KNIFE, because every time I start to make headway, they come back to me with more LAST MINUTE SCREAMINGLY IMPORTANT GOTTA GET THIS FUCKING THING DONE CRAP on REVENGE OF THE SITH.

On the plus side, tho' --

That's all done now, and I think it's gonna be really really good. Finally saw what appears to be the cover art, too.



Less pensive. More asskicking. Not so much Conrad. Not even Hemingway. More HD than BoT. More Chandler than Tolstoy.

I'm having fun with it, now.

Just wait.