Monday, January 17

Holy Shit I'm back

Holy Shit, I'm Back . . . !

Thanks again to the (mostly) indefatigable -- or at least unsinkable -- gabe [hypermode] chouinard.

Looking over my final post from the beginning of October, I discover that (thanks this time to the truly indefatigable folks at LFL and Mr George Lucas) I am STILL in the process of hammering out the final reconceptualization of CAINE BLACK KNIFE, because every time I start to make headway, they come back to me with more LAST MINUTE SCREAMINGLY IMPORTANT GOTTA GET THIS FUCKING THING DONE CRAP on REVENGE OF THE SITH.

On the plus side, tho' --

That's all done now, and I think it's gonna be really really good. Finally saw what appears to be the cover art, too.



Less pensive. More asskicking. Not so much Conrad. Not even Hemingway. More HD than BoT. More Chandler than Tolstoy.

I'm having fun with it, now.

Just wait.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

great to see you back in the blog game, Matt


Chris said...

Great stuff Matt, I'll update the link on my website next time I'm doing edits.
Let me know if you have copies of your shorts and I can host them if you want. Gabe can probably change the links if you want him to.

Anonymous said...

hey, if you are handing out shorts than Iget a pair!!!
On that note welcome back to blogging!


HAWKi102 said...

Welcome back sir. Tis been too long.

gabe said...

HEY, all you non-Stover people.

Can you send me links to other interesting StoverStuff on the web? I'm betting there are more interviews and more reviews and shit that I can add to the blog.

And I swear to Christ, my single goal as Stover's whipping boy is to teach him how to post links.



Can you imagine?

Send yours to me:

shaza said...

Cool, welcome back. I look forward to CBK and the subsequent tour (right?!?)...Heh.

Anyway, glad this is back online.

Shawn Scarber said...