Friday, January 28


Hey, Gang.

Here's the news . . .

First, the Star Wars stuff:

The Great Staggering Friggin' Gonzo Sith Tour is on -- apparently there is sufficient interest in my not-so-humble RotSing self that Del Rey is going to flog my aging ass across the whole country, though specific stops and schedule are not yet set, excepting Star Wars Celebration in Indy, which I will be Wildly Celebrating along with all the other fandroids . . .

Colleen the Publicist from Hell also wants me to keep a tour log, and post it here.

Which I think is a great idea, so I'm gonna do it. Watch this space, Gentle Reader.

Though I will not be dishing any of the dirty stuff . . . because, y'know, I'm shy, and all I want is for everyone to LIKE me . . .

Oh, okay. Save your cards and letters, huh?

The Caine Update:

I have also spoken with His Honorable Schleupness on Caine's Future . . .

CAINE BLACK KNIFE is most likely to be another trade, not unlike BLADE OF TYSHALLE. He says the only way he's likely to be able to squeeze a hardcover out of the Powers That Be is if I make CBK a virtual stand-alone.

Which I'm just not sure is going to work.

At any rate, I can't make it anything other than what it's going to be. I'm writing what I'm writing. That's the only way I can do it. I've spent four books in a row writing on other people's terms, and I AM FUCKING DONE WITH IT.

Well, until the next time somebody offers me a huge wad of money and a book tour, anyway.

There may be re-issues of HD and BoT in trades, though -- or possibly an omnibus -- though when I reminded Chris that this omnibus would total half a million words, I could hear the *doink* all the way from New York.

Anyway, I'm thinking right now that the best thing that could happen for Caine might be for HD and BoT to be re-issued in trade with NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR under my name, and nice bold letters saying --


-- and that kind of shit.

Here endeth the update.


RobB said...

Book tour, cool.

BoT was on someone else's terms? wow.

Anonymous said...

so, when will we know which cities you're hitting on this tour?

and who do I have to suck up to in order to get Phoenix to be one of those cities?


M.R.M. said...

Great news, man. Yeah, Summer's got the right idea. Is there any way we can influence Ze Powers Dat Be to get you into certain cities?

A Stover stop in Portland would rule.

(Heck, I'd even settle for Seattle...)


Anonymous said...


Yeah, I know, we suck.

--Ryan (HaP--who also likes the 'Acts' idea.)

Anonymous said...

Errr you're coming back to the TC right? I'll travel the 70 miles to come see you, and so will the boyo :P

Anonymous said...

Er.. that comment about the Twin Cities was me, Jenn, sorry. Forgot to add myself. :P

MWS said...

Roseville is on the list, never fear. Looking forward to seeing y'all.

No, BLADE was not on someone else's terms -- the fourth book in question was the late, lamented REAL FLASH GORDON.

Angela said...

Woohoo! And yeah, Portland is cool! :)