Friday, January 21

Christ help the United States

I can't even talk about this. Read it.


Anonymous said...

God damn it all. I'm moving to London.


Anonymous said...

read this Sy Hersh article for even more warm and fuzzy feelings about the path we're heading down.

and I doubt London'd be a safe destination, not with Blair seeimingly determined to stay in Bush's hip pocket till the money runs out...


Chris said...

Don't come to London to escape political crap, or George Bush.

On the other hand, I know a lot of good pubs if you do.

Anonymous said...

I bet Australia's nice this year, eh? It is their Summer, right now, isn't it? ;)

Seriously though, American politics and the manipulations of our leaders are simply disgusting. The fact that Bush used the term "crusade" in the past while discussing his plans for the middle east just scares the hell out of me. And he's from our "Conservative" party? Yikes.

Glad to see your blog's back, Matt. I can't wait to read your Ep3 Novelization and CBK.



Anonymous said...

You need to learn to use basic html code, Matt.

Aside from that: Daily Show Comments on Bush Speech:

Here.(I'm hoping blogger accepts html code. Otherwise, apologies in advance).

As Rein points out: the shrub uses the word "freedom" 27 times and "liberty" 15 times.

Me and my mates call that political brain-washing and/or propaganda. It's not subtle for a lot of people. But it doesn't have to be.

- Shevchyk

MWS said...

Eh. It might work. Or it might be a defect in my Mac interface -- a least, their buttons never do shit for me.

Fuck html. Anyone too lazy to copy & paste doesn't need to read it, anyway.