Monday, July 11

A Festival of Fools

Christ, it's fun to bitchslap the troll, isn't it?

From his consistent misuse of basic English and inability to punctuate, I presume there's just one. There might be two, though I hope the odds would be against it -- one shudders to think that two minds might similarly compose with such astonishing anti-erudition.

Here's the funny thing:

This blog's more active when I DON'T post here.

I am, however, curious just what it was the troll wanted someone to "say to a Special Forces face" [sic]. Whatever it was, I'll happily say it to HIS face. Words are just words. Whoever said "Words can hit as hard as a fist" didn't train at my school.

At any rate, we stumble merrily along. I can hardly wait to see Karl Rove under federal indictment. Any bets on whether Patrick Fitzgerald has the stones to really throw the book at him? My money's on "inadvertent disclosure," and criminal case closed . . . until the Wilsons file a civil suit. That's where the fun will REALLY start.

Wonder if the Supreme Court will follow precedent and let the Wilsons' lawyers depose a sitting President?

By the way, I've stopped agitating for a Bush impeachment -- that'd leave Cheney in power, which would be worse. Bush at least still looks a little embarrassed when he lies. As ineffectual as they've been lately (i.e. Social Security), I'm wondering if the country might not be better off if we just left them in place, safely neutered, until 2008 . . .


Anonymous said...

Mr. Stover,

I'm a great fan of your work. I recently, in fact, locked myself in my room for a day to read the last 250 or so pages of "Heroes Die" and have now dived head first into "Blade of Tyshalle".

Any plans to possibly return to the Star Wars universe upon finishing your next Caine novel? If the answer is yes, than those editors better let you finish this book first! I've been told that BoT leaves the reader at quite the cliffhanger.

- Chris

Justin said...

Hey Matt,

The troll's post is actually quite entertaining if you read it to the tune of Billy Joel's 'we didn't start the fire' in your head!

MWS said...

Justin --

For mentioning that *ahem* artist *ahem* on my blog, you will henceforth be known as Uptown Girl.

Chris --

There is a chance I'll be back in Star Wars. I will be finishing CAINE BLACK KNIFE first. No matter what.

Provided my brain doesn't explode.

Justin said...

Hey no fair, I was matching the artist to the troll... but if you REALLY want me going around the net claiming to be Matt Stover's Uptown Girl... I will.

Chris said...

Justin, you need to write a song about the troll I think. Or your experiences as Matt's 'Uptown Girl'...

Go on. Secret Bonus Track is a special thing.

Matt, any chance of an update on C:BK's progress? I'm curious to hear if it's still going down the crime/detective path you once mentioned or something completely different...

Oh and good job on not letting the troll stand on the bridge. I had assumed there was more than one, but if there isn't I sound like a bit of an idiot in my last comment. Haha. Wait... I remember something about Troll's and goats... and goats and... like a v... it's Berne!

Shevchyk said...

And now, on a completely unrelated topic - Book Covers!

While visiting relatives here in Moscow, I wandered through a few bookshoppes that I frequent whenever I visit, and lo and behold: I found Mattew Stover books in Moscow.

And guys? The Acts of Caine covers are hysterical.

(For those curious, the name in Russian sounds like this: Metyou Voodring Stoverr)


Title: Heroes Die
Subtitle: He Is Able to Return Alive


And just when you thought the French version of HD was weird, comes this cover for Blade of Tyshalle:

Look at the top! It's motherfucking Wolverine and Bishop! And a chap armed with sword and cape!

(The title is literally Blade of Tyshalle, the vertical bar merely says 'The Golden Library of Fantasy.')

The covers for Shatterpoint and Revenge of the Sith are identical to the US editions. No idea what the status is with Traitor - haven't found a copy yet. And I can't seem to find one online.

Ryan said...

Holy crap, Shev! I thought you were being ironic with the X-Men! What the hell?

Shevchyk said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shevchyk said...

(repost - forgot to add a few things)

The art of good cover design is a work in progress here.

Russian cover art until very recently has been wildly erratic. Hell, most of the books I grew up with just had plain black, or green or whatever colour binding, with just the writer's name and the title of the novel/book.

It's an emergent thing. Mind you, it's no better in North America. I cite the Wheel of Time novels as evidence.

MWS said...

I had not yet seen the Russian BLADE cover; it's new. I have several copies of HD in Russian, but Shev's the only Russpeaker I know --

If you get the chance, flip through one of those. Let me know how the translations are.

I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...


You're so popular now that you have your very *own* first of many trolls! I say we make him your pet that you can call "cute names" and pat on the head condescendingly when you feel like it.

What else are you supposed to do with trolls? I mean, seriously, most often they're horrible at stirring up any real trouble because once you realize what they are they're laughable :P

And could you yell at Scott? He hid my copy of "Blade of Tyshalle" which I just started (again) last night.


Scott Lynch said...

Yeah, Matt. Thanks a bunch. I leave *Heroes Die* sitting out and she finds herself compelled to re-read it once again. She proceeds to leave *Blade of Tyshalle* sitting out, and when I find it I'm compelled to re-read it for the fifth or sixth time... you bastard.

Azrof D said...

I've read HD and BoT like five times each and I have found that when I read HD I get a sense of ...just excitement and pure emotional turbulence. When I read BoT I feel like I'm signing up for an amazing marathon that tests my endurance to its limits. I love them both!

Down with the trolls and book thieves!

Anonymous said...

Hear that Scott? Azrof D says down with book thieves that means YOU!

Grins :P

Ps. These books are addictive. Of course, when I'm done reading BoT I'm going to read TLoLL again...

Chris said...

Bahahaha I now have my own Stover library, so while any book is out I still have my own to reference!

Can't say fairer than that. And they are going out. And getting loved. And... my girlfriend is sitting behind me reading Harry Potter. I'm ashamed... she'll learn!

Anonymous said...

But Chris, we live together and have to share books :P

At least until we get some more copies...

-Jenn :P

Midelne said...

Was looking at the links to the Russian book art; they seem to have reused the cover art for another book I used to read called Brother Death, still available on Amazon with the identical cover.

Thanks for writing the Acts of Caine, incidentally. Blade of Tyshalle is the only time I can remember in the twenty-some years I've been reading that a fictional character has had anything to teach me; thanks for cutting through the bullshit.

MWS said...

Wow. Thanks.

FK said...

So my question is, are they comparing Caine to the X-Men in Russia?

The HD cover is still not as bad as the US cover for Jericho Moon. I laugh every time I look at it.

Shevchyk said...

So my question is, are they comparing Caine to the X-Men in Russia?

No. The cover is meant to get people's attention; attact them with images suggestive of what occurs beyond the cover: violence.

FK said...

Perhaps I should remember to use my sarcasm tags at every available opportunity. It was a joke, Shev. Just so we're clear.

Shevchyk said...




Not exactly my forte. Apologies.

S.Klassen said...

The cover to Blade of Tyshalle was so fucking cool I had to pick it up and read it. Then I went and picked up a copy of Heros Die. These books were awesome, never have I seen a character endure so much shit and still manage to come out on top. Your books are awesome Matt, I can't wait for CBK.

MWS said...

Hey, thanks.

He's gonna suck up a fair amount in CBK, too -- but it's really more about him dishing it out.

You'll see.

Anonymous said...

Well, I spent all of today finishing Blade of Tyshalle. I gotta say, very rarely do books give that emotional, teary ending. And while I won't give it away, there was definately a part where I just felt so sad. If only I could write half as well as you, Mr. Stover.

But now I'm ready to see Caine kick some major ass in the next book. He went through hell and back, so now it's time to dish some out!


Azrof D said...

The sweeping stories in both books; the masterful way that the endings didn't just happen, but wove together to form a climax of ultimate ass-kickery, the gritty details and the sense that the "fantasy" and "sci-fi" elements are there, but do not control the characters are all parts of what I truly enjoy in Matt's writings (particularly HD and BoT)
I definately agree with the previous poster who said the books taught something. I believe the phrase was something like, "Inch towards daylight." That line really impacted much of my day to day life when dealing with personal trials.
I am, however, looking forward to a slightly lighter book where Caine gets what he deserves: namely to kick butt, take names and live as the person he's discovered he is.
Sorry for being long winded, but Matt, you sure inspire thoughtfullness in me! Hurry up and blog again!
Your Anxious Long-Winded Fan

Anonymous said...

Uh, Matt? Hope you realize how much your fans want your next Caine book. Um, yeah.

Not drooling over it at all.



Anonymous said...

Aye, I really cannot wait until the next Caine book. Hm..*Goes to re-read HD/BoT*