Monday, July 11

A Festival of Fools

Christ, it's fun to bitchslap the troll, isn't it?

From his consistent misuse of basic English and inability to punctuate, I presume there's just one. There might be two, though I hope the odds would be against it -- one shudders to think that two minds might similarly compose with such astonishing anti-erudition.

Here's the funny thing:

This blog's more active when I DON'T post here.

I am, however, curious just what it was the troll wanted someone to "say to a Special Forces face" [sic]. Whatever it was, I'll happily say it to HIS face. Words are just words. Whoever said "Words can hit as hard as a fist" didn't train at my school.

At any rate, we stumble merrily along. I can hardly wait to see Karl Rove under federal indictment. Any bets on whether Patrick Fitzgerald has the stones to really throw the book at him? My money's on "inadvertent disclosure," and criminal case closed . . . until the Wilsons file a civil suit. That's where the fun will REALLY start.

Wonder if the Supreme Court will follow precedent and let the Wilsons' lawyers depose a sitting President?

By the way, I've stopped agitating for a Bush impeachment -- that'd leave Cheney in power, which would be worse. Bush at least still looks a little embarrassed when he lies. As ineffectual as they've been lately (i.e. Social Security), I'm wondering if the country might not be better off if we just left them in place, safely neutered, until 2008 . . .

Friday, July 1

Can I just say here how wonderful it is that President Bush has declared all America is a hostage?

That we now have no choice but to stick to the bloody course his lies have set for us?

Gosh, that's swell.

Especially considering that we have managed to make Iraq into the planet's #1 training ground for international terrorists.

Especially considering that we still haven't even won the bloody war in AFGHANISTAN.

That helicopter full of our Best and Brightest -- gods help us: Airborne special forces and Navy SEALs on a rescue mission -- was shot down (which their courage and splendid skills doesn't exactly help them survive, y'know?) by the fucking TALIBAN.

Does anybody remember them?

That war's not over. But we don't have enough people left to fight it. Because we're consumed with Bush's uselessly stupid political adventure in Iraq.

I'm a little angry about this.

Can the War in Iraq be won? Very likely.

Can it be won by the idiots in the current Administration?

I don't see it. I just don't see it.

I'm going now.

Shit, people think my BOOKS are dark. They should talk to some of these poor bastards to have to live through what's going on over there.

And I don't mean just the Americans.