Wednesday, March 19


In response to the exchange between Aaron and Songofgreyshadows:

Just so you all know, there actually is a Stover Forum on the Web -- it was set up a couple years ago by the good folks over at -- and it's a swell place to get into all the writing advice and PersonalAnecdotesAboutHowIChangedYourLife and all that shit.

The URL is, if my browser serves as a reliable memory:

Stover Forum

With thanks to Chris Billett.

Anybody who stops by will have to kick off the tarps and blow the dust away, because nobody's posted there in months. And no swearing at the President and stuff -- they have terms of service that insist everyone play nice. Which means that it's probably not the best place for Caine-Ma'elKoth slashfic, but for everything else, it works pretty well.

I also get email notification of new posts, so it's easy for me to keep track of stuff over there.

That's all.


Chris said...

Goddamit Stover, is there nowhere that Ilya, Ryan and I can post our Caine-Ma'elKoth-Hermione-Jacen slashfic collaborative novella?!?

James said...

Well I say let the tarp kicking and dust blowing begin.

MWS said...

Billett --

Write it, and I'll post it here.


But write it.

Aaron said...

Good deal.

Tim said...

Oh god, my mind has suddenly begun running scenarios for Caine/Ma'elKoth, and every single one of them ends with Ma'elKoth going "Hmm." in satisfaction.

Joe said...

"And then the Blue Power Ranger fucked Caine like a virgin goat. The end."

Ryan said...

Submitted without comment:

"And he moaned...a lover in passion, low in the back of his throat, as he entered the man who had been Caine."

Completely unrelated--Matt, I know almost all of the people on BoT's dedication page, but who are Clive and Terence?

MWS said...

Clive Staples Lewis and Terence Hanbury White.

Tim said...

So, I was editing on Wikipedia the other day, and it occured to me that Duncan would have hated that site had it existed in his world.

It's actually fairly similar. There's a soulless force of destructive humanity with many faces. You can be sent to a mute facility for being disrespectful towards uppercastemen. Incredibly transitory information that's controlled by a cabal pushing their own views, bent on controlling the thoughts of others.

I'm sure I could strengthen the analogy some more should I care to. But what do you think, Matt? Wikipedia = everything Duncan hated about his own society?

steve said...

Funny I just made a blog post about Wikipedia before checking up on Stover's blog.

I do agree that Duncan would have scorned the site, since it is an electronic medium, but there may have also been the small redemption of it being controlled by a public instead of a caste driven government.

MWS said...

And Steve has the right of it.

Wikipedia is not compulsory, and there are vast resources on the Web for cross-checking facts. If it were the only game in town, yes, but it ain't.

I use the wiki system myself, rather extensively. The technical articles on Wikipedia are excellent, and the best of them always contain links to the peer-reviewed papers they cite.

I also make use of Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki, because it's more complete and much, much easier to use than the encrypted CD Jedi Holocrons I get from LucasFilm Licensing. However, even there, I'm careful to cross-check pertinent facts.

Salt-Man Z said...

Wookiepedia is amazing. All the other fiction-based wikis really need to use it as a template. The Transformers wiki is close, but I wish stuff like the Malazan Book of the Fallen wiki was as comprehensive.

steve said...
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steve said...

Sorry this had some horrific typos that I let slip by so I re-wrote.

In response to one of your posts over at the SFF forums, someone asked you what Caine would do to you if you met face to face, and you responded with "He's beat me to death"

I guess some things just do beg to be done by hand, huh?

Got a question for you, my friend recently loaned me his copy of The Lies of Locke Lamora, and I can't help but be reminded of Blade of Tyshalle when I read through it. It's not so much the atmosphere, but the style of writing. It has a sort of Caine-Soliloquy-esque free-floating association style.

To make my fucking point, do you find your own writing styles in other(newer or older) writing styles and have any of those finding influenced what you are writing at the time?

Paulie-boy said...

Howdy stranger. Just belatedly read star wars on trial. Highly entertaining. I'd make a few comments, but I still remember how pissed u got when I kidded you about Lammas way back when...
Your comments early on in the book regarding the Old Boy made me smile as I thought back to a fun summer night in chicago in the company of you, your cool-ass wolf-dog (Aeis?), a cheap bottle of brandy (you were right - just as good for slugging at as a pricy XO) and a couple of decent cigars. Remeber me telling you of my respect for the mythical lao-Tzu and his credo, despite the fact that I was such a lousy Taoist?
Several years ago, on vakay on Maui with Heide, you can't imagine my pleased suprise when, browsing the Waldenbooks shelves for beach-fare, I came across a little old thing called Revenge of the Sith, adapted by some crazy pagan dude named Matt Stover...
Brother, forget Brin, they should have hired YOU to write that screenplay! The intro alone was better than ep. I thru III combined.
Looking forward to more books.

MWS said...

Charron, you bastard, where the hell have you been? You ever publish that werewolf book? If not, why not? And if so, how come your publisher didn't solicit me for a cover quote?