Tuesday, July 29

Speaking of covers:

Check this out

I can only admire the dedication of some of Caine's fans. I sent this on to my editor, too, in case he really wanted to put a new cover on HD but just couldn't come up with sufficient inspiration.

Still haven't heard about the Blade of Tyshalle reprint; my editor was out at ComiCon, and was supposed to noodzh his boss during booth hours out there, but he's been back a couple days at least and I still don't have an answer. So it doesn't look entirely promising right now (though of course there are a multiplicity of potential reasons he might not have emailed; I haven't heard from him at all, so here's hoping all's well with him . . .).


Aaron said...

I'm with the rest. Having read Blade of Tyshalle at least once every year since its publication, I have had to go to some unusual lengths to keep my version of the massive, yet soft-back, book in its nearly replete original state.

Whenever a friend asks to borrow it (after I praise it as the watermark of quality genre writing), I am quick to point out that there are two ways that book ever leaves the house. With me, or in a hermetically sealed carrying case.

Okay, maybe not *that* extreme...

Pizzope said...

Ok, so as I was reading about a new game called "Demigod" by Chris Taylor (one of the greatest RTS designerse ever) and after reading this description of the online play:

"It's not persistent in the sense of an MMO. For instance, in the persistent online universe in which players are competing 24/7, what is happening is that players choose a demigod and along with thousands of other players, compete to get their demigod ascended. There may be tens of thousands of other players who are on your side to help that particular demigod rise."

I got fucking chills. This sounds extremely similiar to the River God game created by the BOG in BoT.

I wonder if we'll be seeing Godheads by summer 2009...

Gio said...

It's clear that this Chris Taylor fellow is trying to harness the blind god's power for some nefarious purpose.

On the subject of reprints, allow me to state the obvious. How the hell does Del Rey expect to generate significant sales of a third book in a series, without making the first two books readily available?

It's been years since I've seen HD or BoT on bookstore shelves. Instead of building on Matt's growing readership thanks to the SW franchise, they've allowed his original works to languish in OOP Hell.

I think it's partially because a casual reader might mistake it for a brand-new standalone. The title is just CBK, without a series heading like ACTS OF CAINE III or whatever. Maybe they feel they can avoid the expense of reissuing the first two.

DUMB MOVE in my opinion, since ROTS and Shadows of Mindor are golden opportunities to pick off more of that SW readership.

AzrofD said...
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AzrofD said...

Gio - I wholeheartedly agree. Someone start a petition site and let's make a rush for the motherland.

"Each person who signs the following petition guarantees the sale of all Stover books on any shelves of their local bookstore or through amazon.com - provided that they do not already own them" ....once again, a little too hardcore. But who knows, it might work eh?

AzrofD said...

In case you haven't seen it...here's a link to a live Stover interview.


Sam said...

Hey Matt,

I've been a long time fan of your work, especially the blade (its traveled to 4 different continents with me, so I could read it many times over). Anyhow, I've wanted to post here for a while, and finally have something worthwhile to say. After a two year search at used bookstores, I found Iron Dawn. I was pretty stoked. And I've been waiting for CBK for years.