Thursday, October 9

For the record:

Feel free to post extravagant praise of Caine Black Knife (or of anything else I've written, for that matter). You can also post less-than-extravagant praise, or even bitch about how shitty something is.

But comments containing spoilers will be summarily deleted.

You have been warned.


RobB said...

Here's part of the review I posted on Tuesday (10/7):

"After seven years, Matthew Stover brings readers back to Overworld and back to Caine. For readers who enjoyed the previous two novels in what is now dubbed the Acts of Caine sequence but wanted to get more of Caine, Caine Black Knife will be a welcome novel. This novel is all Caine and is a bit of a stylistic and tonal departure from the previous Caine novels. Whereas Stover played with narrative voice and point-of-view in Heroes Die and to a greater extent in Blade of Tyshalle, here the great majority of the novel is told in Caine’s voice in the first person narrative. A very minor portion takes place in the second person narrative, so Stover doesn’t abandon the shifting perspective entirely...

a common saying in the acting and comedy communities is to always leave them wanting more. Stover has definitely done that and with Caine Black Knife, he’s written my number one book for 2008."

Heather said...

I haven't read the book yet, but just wondering - is the publisher making an electronic version available for the Kindle? I see an electronic version advertised, not sure if it is for just the computer or for the Kindle reading device.

Tim said...

I've been shamelessly whoring you out for months on message boards and to everyone I know who seems uncertain of new things to read, even when it's vastly inappropriate.

I'm thinking of giving the gift of Caine this holiday season.

I mean the books, not the savage beatings and possible death that are the usual gifts of Caine.

Nathan said...

Tim, I see you trolling a My Pretty Pony message board, recommending Caine Black Knife: "Yeah, I know a little girl Faith who's really into Caine." I can imagine the responses from parents, too: "That book you recommended assboned our child's imagination, you pervert!"

Bob said...

Matt, I'm only through the first 3 chapters, but I have to say, I'm a big fan so far. I especially appreciate that Caine/Hari is both the same character and completely different in the Now and Then sections - you really have a knack for writing the same person at different stages in their life and making it all seem credible.


PS to those of you in Chicago, the Borders on Mich. Ave has already shelved the book

Nathan said...

Borders frequently stocks books early lately. My guess is it's a last-minute attempt to get more business -- isn't Borders in trouble?

My local store only had one copy. Which is better than the zero copies they stocked of the latest Kage Baker and Gregory Frost titles.

Tim said...

So, I've been doing several "In-Caine" status messages a day on Facebook the past few days, as a self-revving build up to CBK. I went for BLADE just now, and dropped it. It landed, opened up, and when I picked the book up, this is what I saw.

"It's this," Tommie said. "There's only really two things about a man that matter: what he wants, and what he'll do to get it. Everythin' else we pretend is important - whether you're tough, or good-lookin', smart, stupid, honorable, whatever - that's just details."

Then my eyes got all watery.

Thanks, Matt.

Dante said...

Hey Matt, book's great. Seriously awesome stuff. Never commented here before, so I'm just gonna take a second to thank you for writing: Thanks. The Acts of Caine are definitely my favorite novels. Is it too early to start asking when the second part of the act of atonement comes out? ;)

Reading about monks and ogrilloi again prompts me to ask this question: How big of an influence are the various D&D games on your work? There are a few small details of the setting which seem inspired by those games (as opposed to, say, any of the numerous sources the games used for inspiration like Moorcock) and I am curious whether or not I am just reading too much into these details.

Here's something unrelated I wanted to share: A friend of mine purchased every single Star Wars novel ever written on eBay six months back and read through the whole lot. Unsurprisingly, he said yours were by far the best.

AzrofD said...

My copy of CBK won't be in until the 16th, I ordered it rushed from Amazon for a whopping 23 bucks. My mistake. I walked into books-a-million and there it is on the shelf for like 14. Damn it.

So, I sit down and read the first 70ish pages over a cup of coffee.

My thoughts: Grittier, still Caine - less "big picture", less Epic Fantasy and more of a man's story. I like it for what it is; all these new huge epics are fine - and I want a nice trilogy of that sort about Caine, but this is exactly what it needed to be. Gritty, down to earth and brutal.

I hate to admit it, but I'd have enjoyed Caine renewed and improved with his story continuing in a broader swathe into something magnificent and epic.

Everyone buy the damn book so Mat can write more.

MWS said...

Hmp. If Act of Atonement is successful enough that I could afford it, I have a Really Big Picture Caine story already in rough outline.

It's called, in my notes, the Act of Faith Trilogy.

Which would draw Caine out to seven books, which is just about all I think my working career can manage.

Joe said...

Seeing as how Stover's sales figures ought to (in a just world) be punted through the roof, I highly encourage everyone to buy multiple copies of CBK on the theory they'll make excellent holiday/birthday presents.

AzrofD said...

Did everyone hear that? Buy 3 - and we'll get more.

Pizzope said...

Hell, I'll probably end up buying three out of necessity. I've read and re-read both HD and BoT so many times that I'm on my third copy of both books.

Scott Masterton said...


I did the same thing you did. I was sure I'd be able to get it before it was released in the books stores, but with Monday being Columbus day (What useless fucking holiday that it); it won't be to me until the 16th.

B&N here in Minnesota had copies this morning.


tim said...

My copy has, apparently, been sitting at the post office for over a week now. I had to find this out from the bookstore I ordered from when I went in today.

It is astonishingly small, given the usual Stover death-tomes.

Bookstore had a copy of HEROES DIE under Fantasy. CBK is listed in Science Fiction. I figure BLADE must be catagorized under like, Horror or something, just to spread the series further into unfindability.

perry said...

Just finished the book after picking it up at the local B&N last night. Bravo, MWS. Another great read; I eagerly anticipate the next volume. I only wish I had more to read...hopefully the sales will be strong, and we will have much more Caine, or Johnathan Fist, in the years to come.

Ramsey said...

Simply Amazing. Those two are the only words I have that encompass Caine Black Knife and all its glory.

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Matt, for CBK! It was really worth the wait. I burned through it so quick that I need to read it again to really take it in but in the end, I *needed* the next book. Love, LOVE Caine.

And yeah, giving the gift of Caine these holidays sounds like a great idea.

rebecca said...

I forgot to say - on CBK being released in Australia. I think Ilya asked...

I'm not sure where in Australia you are, Ilya, but I know Pulp Fiction in Brisbane will be stocking it and I would guess Galaxy Books in Sydney might have it on the shelves, too. If you're not on the East Coast then try to check out your local indie store or anyone stocking 'specialty' books. Hmm, *maybe* Borders, just because they're American?

NSB said...

How depressing. My local Borders stocked one copy. Looking at Borders inventory, out of the nearest 18 locations, only 5 of them are stocking the book.

Is the policy still that if you order a stock item and don't pick it up, they shelve it, or do they immediately strip or return it now? Anyone know?

EricC said...

I got it ... and with my schedule I should be able to find time to read it about 6 years from next Tuesday. I'll tell you what I think then.

Guy said...

I picked up CBK a couple days ago and read through it too damned fast. The wait for MFF will be too long, even if it were to come out in a couple months instead of the next couple of years. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

The narration is as entertaining as the story. It may an adolescent comparison, but Caine reminds me of Wolverine.

scott said...

absolutely loved it, read it cover to cover last night and work is horrible due to the lack of sleep XD going to reread it again over the weekend more slowly, i hope.

matt literally owes me a couch pillow, however, due to the MP holy grail ref (psalms) around page 235... it was dark beer i spit out...

i asked the bookstore guy about CBK's sales, and out of the 5 copies they received: as of 7pm on the 14th 2 had sold, one was reserved, one was mine and they had one left. not bad for first day!

(B&N, downtown minneapolis)

Alaina said...

My cousin (also roommate) called me today to brag that his copy of Caine Black Knife had arrived and mine had not. I was honestly saddened and otherwise depressed that my copy was essentially non-existent....that was until I arrived at home.
Sitting temptingly upon my doorstep was my personal haven. So while I have not read the book yet, I wanted to let you know about preceding excitement felt in this household. (Also noting that my brother's copy arrived today as well)
So now leave me be as I have much reading ahead of me. I'll post again once I am finished, but thanks Matt for improving my day...hell week...month...whatever.

Alaina said...

(in reference to the question about ordering and not picking the book up)

I summarily do this at my local book stores to simply put Matt's books on the shelves. I go back just to make sure they are there and stalk them to see how long until they are sold....of course anyone entering that particular isle at the time gets thrusted a copy of Heroes. Hey, I'm a girl in a sci-fi isle..they'll buy anything I ask them too anyway...then thank me later :)

AzrofD said...

Here is what I posted on Amazon:

To say that Matthew is an unparalleled author would be an understatement. While the grand masters of fantasy and fiction through the years have regularly astonished us with elaborate skeins that travel over many, many pages, none have placed such a disturbingly eloquent lens on the nature of what makes us, as readers, enjoy our fantasies.

Brutality abounds in Stover's works - but not as an excuse, rather than as a means to an end. His illustrations of concepts of self, of overcoming the odds and of being a Hero - all while not really being a Hero - are spot on.

For those of us who need a break from the average author, Stover is, perhaps, the best of this new genre. For those of us who want to be entertained, but also invited to think about our entertainment, Stover is *the* author. For those looking for a new sort of fantasy, Stover also provides an excellent adventure story with tons of breath-taking, bold, no-holds-barred action.

My only complaint about this particular novel is its length. With Caine - the reader only wants more. From page one of novel one, we want the bad guy to win. We cheer when he succeeds and feel his frustration when he is unmanned. Having only a few hundred pages with Caine is simply not enough. Stover should man up and write more. Perhaps another trilogy. An epic skein indeed...

I sincerely hope that his continued success will propel him forward. Given his druthers, I suspect that Stover's stories (whether or not they include Caine - hopefully at least one will) will out-man even those established paragons of the genre.

In Caine Black Knife Stover has provided us with a taste. A tease. A temptation. A window into his world. I, for one, am already ready for more.

beth said...

Please consider yourself extravagantly praised. You deserve it.

I w-a-i-t-e-d so long for CBK, and bought the *only* copy in a 25 mile radius. Now I am replete with Caine-inspired happiness. (I am also trying not to dwell on the fact that nowhere have I read how long before "Fist" will be out. Mmm.. hint?)

It's interesting, someone said that they feel like kicking ass after reading Caine... I don't feel the need to kick ass. I feel like I already have.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Note to Alaina... it's so true about being a female in the SF section. I'm not sure I've even *met* another woman in that section. Maybe only one female SF fan allowed per town?)

NSB said...

I am also trying not to dwell on the fact that nowhere have I read how long before "Fist" will be out. Mmm.. hint?

I have no idea, but we could start a pool. I'll put 25 cents on q3 2011.

Adam said...

The wait is finally over. I'm happy again.

Jason said...

Extravagent praise indeed. This is the best release of 2008 IMNSHO.

Jackie said...

It was the title of Mr Stover's first book that grabbed be. A single copy crammed into a corner at my local Barnes & Noble. When I finished it, I thought 'why isn't this author more famous?'

Well, you are still first on my list of best authors of the genre, Mr Stover. (P.S. thanks for recommending Scott Lynch, he's on there too)

So, I am currently stuck in BFE Mississippi getting another degree and the bookstore is abysmal. So I am still waiting for my ordered copy to arrive. arrrggh!

To add to the above comments: I, too, am the token girl in the sf&f section at the local bookstore. And I have also used my powers for good. ;)

Nathan said...

Why the hell aren't there any token girls in the sff section at my local bookstore. WHY IS THE BOOKSTORE BROKEN IN DELAWARE?

steve said...

"It's interesting, someone said that they feel like kicking ass after reading Caine... I don't feel the need to kick ass. I feel like I already have."

I could not have put that better myself. Consider yourself praised, Stover. I had all my expectations exceeded by this book, and will be enlightening those around me at first opportunity.

Alaina said...

Delaware...yeah we forgot to tell you that your shipment of "sci-fi aisle ladies" seems to have been misplaced. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Oh and dear MWS...when I fail Chemistry II...I'm going to blame you for tempting me with such greatness as this book. Yes I should be studying, yes I have a Human Ecology report due Tuesday...but so help me, Caine is telling me to get my head in the game and stop being a pussy. And Caine is the only man 'alive' who could get away with that (indirectly you I suppose as well).

Andy Butula said...

Fucking awesome. Seriously. I'll have to read it again if I want to have any more specific praise. Thanks MWS. That being said, write fast

Alex said...

There was a line on page 109 of CBK that made me notice that the Monastics bear at least passing resemblance to Herbert's Bene Gesserit. Both claim to work in the benefit of mankind as a group, have methods of training the body in very minute and effective way, and have an active political agenda. Is this mere coincidence, or is it an intentional similarity. I suppose it might even just be an archetype that one is bound use eventually when kicking around this genre. That aside, it was incredibly good and I can only wait for part two.

Scott said...

Received and finished over the weekend. Well done, sir, well done.

That being said, I want more!

c-reyn said...

I loved it. Reading the Acts of Caine has caused serious problems for my productivity.

CBK was not as epic as Blade of Tyshalle which, holy crap, was amazing. I finished it the same day I went to get CBK. My mind was exploding pretty much the entire second half of the book. But it CBK was great, to see Caine as a younger guy as well as how having all of his friends be the most powerful people on Home affected him.

If Blade of Tyshalle gets reprinted or put in eBook, I plan to buy these books as gifts for every friend with a strong stomach.

John W said...

I just finished CBK yesterday, and I thought it was incredible! Great job, Mr. Stover. It's been a long wait for most Acts of Caine readers, but the timing actually worked really well for me. I just read Blade of Tyshalle a month ago, so the wait wasn't quite so agonizing. Of course, now it'll be tough waiting for His Father's Fist.
I think it was an excellent idea to narrate nearly all of the novel from Caine's perspective. It results in a complete lack of info-dumping. Don't get me wrong; the previous two Acts of Caine certainly didn't feature any surplus of info-dumping. But in CBK, all of the exposition is told in Caine's witty voice, and the result is that for me, this volume was even less possible to put down than the previous ones.
I'm looking forward to HFF and to the new Luke Skywalker novel!

Eric said...

In light of a couple entries you've made on authors who died before you could tell them how much their work meant to you- not that I think you're in any danger of that, but just realizing the same principle- I need to say this, Mr. Stover, especially now:

I'm still dealing with the aftershocks of a horrible breakup. I read a lot of great authors, but I've never quite found anything that made poetry of the pain when she left me for another. And I wasn't looking for that when I picked up a fantasy book in a Barnes and Noble in Glendale yesterday. I only knew the author by the magic he had re-conjured in another beloved series of mine, and wanted to see what his original work was like.

I'm less than twenty-five pages into Heroes Die, and Hari hit me in the face like a clenched fist.

This isn't quite the review I'll inevitably make when I finish this book, or the next, or the next, or the next, but I definitely had to get this out there. I thought it was just kind of funny that I read your Star Wars contributions at relevant times in my life, but this is on a whole different level. Yes, I love the scenario- yes, I love the prose- yes, I love the dialogue- but I never expected that kind of personal resonance (odd, considering how much of it I found in Anakin, Mace, and Jacen). Somehow it just helps me manage the pain a little better, seeing it presented so relentlessly on the pages in front of me.

In a nutshell, just...thanks. You are one of my favorite authors, and this is a long overdue word of gratitude for your work, and your ideas. And I will keep buying, keep reading, and keep thanking you.

Pizzope said...

I second Eric's sentiments. I'm only a month out of a relationship that ended in a very large amount of lying and cheating.

I went back to Heroes Die just because of the story, because I love the book, because I needed something to distract myself.

Two particular quotes managed to hit the nail on the fucking head for me.

"Hari's heart smoked within his chest."

Just going back and reading that one line hits me on a level no other book ever has. It...nothing like it can capture how I felt when I discovered the truth of what was going on.

The other "He won every battle, but on days like today he couldn't help realizing he was losing the war." sums up how I've been living for the past three weeks.

MWS said...

Thanks. I'm glad something helps.

As you might suppose, I had -- prior to the Fabulous Robyn -- more than my share of experience with romantic betrayal(s).

So it goes.

That's long in the past, though; as of this December, the Fabulous Robyn and I will have been together for 20(!) years.

Alaina said...

Congrats and yourself and Robyn btw! My parents are fast approaching their 28th anniversary and my father feels the same about his wife as you do yours. I loved that you dedicated the book (as always) because I'm sure she heard her share of its woes during its conception :)

Eric said...

Robyn sounds fabulous indeed! I wish you many, many more years of happiness and, by extension, exponential awesomeness together.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca - haven't seen it at Galaxy yet, but Dymocks is telling me that they'll have copies in late December, early January.



Aaron Smith said...

Well, almost done with part one. And I have to say, the purity of form in this novel is incredible. The way the dialogue just flows: it's more than watching a movie, it's like you're right f'ing there, in the midst of these conversations which feel so damn real, even though they are happening in utterly fantastic circumstances. Which is why these books work, I guess: they make the impossible plausible.

I am taking my time to finish it; I honestly don't know what I could possibly read after this, other than go back to Heroes Die and start the journey all over again...

Anonymous said...

ugh...good ending.
I've stayed up reading cbk till 1am for the past 2 nights and now I get a good night sleep.
Screw sleep.
I want more.
We aren't going to have to wait 6 more years are we?

Justin 'AnteVirus' Thorne said...

Remember when the word 'Gay' meant happy.

Or when the word 'Sick' meant ill or something in bad taste.

I was standing behind someone ordering a coffee the other day, the guy was a teen, and when handed his drink he said, "Awesome."

And I thought, shit, we can now use 'Awesome' instead of 'Thank you.'

Well fuck that, I'm taking the word 'Awesome' back.

CBK, is awesome.

And ironically, I can say 'Awesome' to Matt for writing it.


angst said...

Ok. I'm new to much here, so please forgive whatever faux-pas (or whatever the plural for faux-pas might be..).

Glad to see that there is plenty of Mat Stover reading to be done - I particularly like the look of Blades of Tyshalle. I have so far only read Shatterpoint and Revenge of the Sith and loved them. Having read in an interview what you were attempting with the 'novelisation' of ROTS, I would say that you succeeded. It stands as a great novel in its own right. I loved the use of the dragon as the device by which Anakin removes himself from his choices - does it also allude to what I perceive as an Eastern philosophical leaning?

Having spent some time reading this blog I have noticed a similarity in temperament... I get irked that so many are so readily blinded to what is going on under their noses day in and day out; how easily shifted from what they truly ought to be concerned about they are by flatulent 'news' items. I sometimes rant.

Anyway, keep up the good works - I'll be catching up on your back-catalogue soon and then I'll be greedily asking for more..

By the way, any tips about how you go about structuring the writing process of a multiple-pov novel would be greatly appreciated. I'm attempting to write just such... and how long should it take, realistically?

Anonymous said...

So... I was introduced to your writing through "Revenge of the Sith", which was amazing. So... I looked for some of the other books that you wrote. I read Shatterpoint, which was also a work of genius.
I'm looking into the "Acts of Caine sequence". I've found Heroes Die and Caine Black Knife fine, but Blades of Tyshalle seems to be out of stock, upwards of $30 for a used paperback, ro even over a hundred for a new copy. Did you somehow create a collector's item out of the middle book in a series?

Kirby Uber said...

finished black knife. man oh man there better be another book coming. ;p the caine books have to be without a doubt some of my favorites. right up there with neal asher's cormac series.

more please.


Anonymous said...

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