Tuesday, November 4

Go vote. All of you.

Well, okay . . . all of you who are United States citizens of legal age. Go vote.

Everyone else, take the day off.


AzrofD said...

Done and done.

Scott said...

Libertarian party ticket, same as always; never vote for an uncontested politician, in a libertrarianless race always vote against the incumbent, if neither's incumbent vote for the woman, else non-white; always vote against referenda... I may not be normal, but I'm simple.

Shane said...

Obama FTW.

I'll take pseudo-socialism over concrete-creationism any day of the week.

Michael said...

what if we are illinoi? is that right? illinoisan, illinoisn? either way. i think i know who is gonna win our state..

Michael said...

so no ebooks today? thats ok, my BoT probably has 3 more reads left in it before it needs tape.

Alex said...

I voted for Obama this morning in my rather conservative Republican hometown... and it felt soooo good.

Shehzad said...

Can't vote. Took the day off. I hate my president. Hate him. Hate.

Ross said...

Feeling good about Obama...

Rob Locke said...

Surprized at the amount of Obama support... I'm very very scared of the idea of Obama becoming President, but have a feeling he'll win anyway.

Anyone hear him say the military isn't the best choice for our National Security, and that he's planning a private civilian army/militia that will be "as powerful" and as "well-funded" as the military?

Hitler did that. Cuba has that. Its very Marxist. Disclaimer-- i'm military. How will we fund this obamalitia? Will it be volunteer or force drafted? This has never happened in a free country before, and this is not the only thing Obama has proposed that I'm frightened about. (Threatening coal-factories with bankruptcy due to insane taxation in hopes to phase out a major resource for energy/electricity)

I'll stop.

Rob Locke said...

No, I'll add that the Obama's private civilian army is unconstitutional.

Flame me. Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

where did he say that? i haven't heard anything to that effect.

Andrew Timson said...

I haven't read anything to that effect either. But I wonder if he's actually trying to promote the Second Amendment, and not the elided version the NRA promotes.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of the "amount of Obama support" is it really surprising? The GOP has been a festering disease eating away at the body politic for eight years, and for all that McCain really wouldn't have been "Bush's Third Term" he certainly hadn't distanced himself from the Bush agenda in any meaningful way. Also, the way that the Republicans have allowed their party to be taken over by the extreme right wing of their party is incredibly disturbing. Lacking any third party with even a prayer of taking the presidency it's not surprising that there's a lot of support for Obama here, especially since MWS's demographic will probably skew young and literate.

Anonymous said...

Did I really just use the word "party" three times two fucking sentences? Proust eat your heart out. God I suck.

heathcliff said...

I voted for McCain but I am not disappointed or angry that Obama won.

He faces many challenges in his presidency. I don't envy him. The economy sucks and every move he makes will be over scrutinized because he is the first African-American president.

Bush has really given the Republican party a bad name in the previous eight years and I'm surprised that the popular vote was as close as it was, though the electoral vote looks to be a 'landslide.'

I hope that Obama can unite the nation and lead us to be as great as I know we can be.

Pizzope said...

I normally wouldn't be drinking the kool-aid this heavily, but dammit I like Obama.

Not to mention that his win meant a good amount of partying/free beer along Austin's 6th street. Mr. Obama is helping me already!

Thom said...

I was at the McCain Election Night party in Phoenix AZ, and everyone seemed relatively upbeat afterwords. I know I'm going to be okay, even though I'm a strong McCain supporter. I still had a good night. But now I can't get to sleep.

Nathan said...

As far as I know, Obama's Civilian National Security Force or whatever was only mentioned once, and seems to have been taken out of context. I'm fairly certain he's not talking about a Civilian Army -- you know, military security's not the only sort of security -- but rather, essentially, an expansion of the AmeriCorps program: getting youth invested in National and Community Service on a larger-scale, which I certainly do not see as a bad or dangerous thing.

Rob Locke said...

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Thats what I heard him say, and started looking it up online... alot of people seem to agree that it raises alot of questions... its a curious bomb to drop so late in the campaign

WarlordGrego said...

I voted.
I'm not a fan of Obama.

What pisses me off the most though, is that when I ask people why they voted for Obama, I get the answer "because he is black"

No other issues were raised. I don't have a problem with somebody voting the issues. But voting on novelty pisses me off.

MWS said...

You're askin' the wrong people, Greg.

Gregory said...

Matt, everybody I talk politics with, I eventually ask why they are voting the way they are.

90% of the white people I've talked to said that they voted for Barack because of dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration.

Almost all the black people told me it was time to put a brutha in office.

Which, I'm sorry, is not a reason to vote. And I'm tired of being called a racist because I didn't vote Obama. One guy even threated to beat my racist cracker ass because of my "NOBama" bumper sticker.

I'm just saying that there are a shitload of people out there who voted for the novelty of having a black president.

BTW, Matt, I still love you, and I still want to do the cover art for your next book :D

-Greg (SC)

WarlordGrego said...

The above post was me...I was logged into my more official sounding email, and forget to switch back over.

Rob Locke said...

So I'm listening to my morning talk show on the "free speech network", and they mention Obama was having some issues with Chicago media, being critical of him. Then there were discussions of what Obama wants to do regarding free speech, and the words "Fairness Doctrine" came up (that was instituted in the 70s and deemed unconstitutional due to first amendment violation sometime in the 80s).

I'll have to research this more, but i'd hate to think Obama is planning on limiting free speech.

Joe said...

Oh, well as long as some talk radio lard-ass says it's true...

I don't suppose you can actually point to me a speech in which Obama proposes restoring the fairness doctrine?

(I also find it amusing when all these right-wingers complain about liberal bias in the media. Sounds like the free market (and/or marketplace of ideas) at work to me. You wouldn't want the government telling them how to cover the issues would ya?)

Joe said...

As for people supposedly voting for Obama solely because he's black... if that's the case, Al Sharpton should have gotten a hell of a lot more support in '04.

And if you're claiming that black people in particular are voting Obama just for the novelty, you're, colloquially speaking, a retard (and arguably a little racist yourself). The black vote is typically around 90% Democratic. Obama improved on that by a few points over Kerry, but he also improved on the white vote. Learn a little about numbers before running your mouth.

PS: You're being especially dense if you're actually begrudging black Americans some pride that Obama made it. I don't know where to begin on that, beyond saying you obviously have no understanding of history or how ridiculous "anyone can grow up to be president" sounded if you were looking at the last 43 people to hold that office (All white men. 42 Protestants.)

Andrew Timson said...

You're being especially dense if you're actually begrudging black Americans some pride that Obama made it.

Pride in Obama's accomplishment is not a bad thing. (Well, probably. I can't help but wonder if marveling at such things only makes the racial divide worse by calling attention to it; the media is making such a fuss over Obama's election, when it shouldn't be unusual. But I'm a sheltered only-a-few-months-out-of-college punk who grew up in what was arguably the whitest city in America, so I may not know what I'm talking about. *grins*)

But if they're voting for him only based on the color of his skin, then he didn't actually earn their votes, didn't earn his upcoming position. That pretty much makes his "accomplishment" meaningless; we didn't elect a president who happens to be black, we elected a black person who happened to be running for president.

WarlordGrego said...

So, Mr. Locke, according to you, Obama is going to form a private army and then limit first amendment rights?

Wouldn't that just be delicious? I mean, thats even worse than the shit Bush did :)

The only right I'm really worried about is the second amendment. I like guns. I might have to use them if somebody tries to take them from me.

WarlordGrego said...

And Joe, far be it from me to begrudge anybody some racial pride.

But I was offering an anecdote. Something that happened to me. I think that if Obama's skin color was the reason why he was elected, then doesn't that taint the man he is?

Besides, Obama is NOT black. He's bi-racial, and he was raised by a white woman.

It just pisses me off to see people being led around like sheep. If these same people I talk to would argue policy with me, I wouldn't have much of a beef...but to say "I voted for a black man because its time we had an african american president" is stupid.

And if you vote for anybody because of skin color, you're a fucking moron.

Rob Locke said...


Here is where he stands on the second amendment:

-As a state legislator in Illinois, Obama supported banning the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic firearms, increasing state restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms

-He supported a “ban” on the sale and possession of handguns on a political questionnaire

-As state senator, he voted against a 2004 measure that allowed self-defense as an affirmative defense to those charged with violating local laws making it otherwise unlawful for such persons to possess firearms.

-He voted against allowing persons who had obtained domestic violence protective orders to carry handguns for their protection.

-Obama has also stated his opposition to allowing citizens to carry concealed guns and supports a national law outlawing the practice.

Joe said...

OK, fellas, go back and look at the numbers. By far most people didn't vote based on race (though plenty of people voted for McCain based on race too, thanks for not overlooking it). The issues, especially the economy, by far decided this thing. Period.

"I think that if Obama's skin color was the reason why he was elected, then doesn't that taint the man he is?"

So he is "tainted" by actions of others outside is control? Great.

As far as guns go, Obama's not gonna waste his time on a loser of an issue, and there are too many red state Democrats in Congress who aren't going to stick their necks out on the issue on account of wanting to be reelected.

Alaina said...

I voted through absentee for Obama (as I am a hardcore environmentalist and his plan relates more toward that interest)

I had the same issue in the "bible belt" that I live in with people voting for McCain. I live in TN which was a landslide for him (but happily the state I'm registered, VA, voted for Obama). Most people in TN that I talked to voted for McCain because he was republican, essentially anyone not named Obama, christian, etc etc. No one could tell me the issues that they stood on...which kills me.

I watched the debates and I researched the candidates. I did not make my decision based on party or visual aspects of the candidates. Hell, I even researched Nadar. But most of my political beliefs followed Obama, so that is who I chose.

I hope more people will choose to research and stand for what they believe...not simply a random decision based on who LOOKS better.

Damn good speech from Obama btw.

WarlordGrego said...

I have heard a theory, not necessarily one I follow, that states that white people also voted for Obama because of his race.

The "My Best Friend is Black" syndrome. Basically, white guys don't want to appear racist, so they support Obama.

Which kinda goes along with me getting called a racist because I don't support Obama. Though, I don't support him because of his policy and his inexperience.

Here's to hoping that he's a one-term wonder.

Joe said...

Gee, you're right. I'm sure this election had nothing to do with the long-standing practice of voters to blame the party in power when times are rough.

Must've been because black people have it so easy. Brilliant analysis, chief. There's a Fox talk show with your name on it.

MWS said...

Settle down, people.

Don't make me disappear you.

tim said...

I don't understand the fetishistic love of having a bunker filled with guns. Is the idea that, perhaps, the new leader of your country would like people to not have assault-rifles in their homes that offensive?

I've seen pictures of ordinary (and rather obese) American citizens at firing ranges with excessive hardware. That's frightening.

But then, I live in Canada, where our second amendment ensures the right to bear harpoons, instead.

(King George isn't coming to reclaim the colonies, btw.)

Andrew Timson said...

Their "excessive hardware" hardly matches what they'd be going up against were a second Revolutionary War or Civil War to break out.

King George may not be coming back, but his spirit lives on in the last century-plus of the United States government.

Chris said...

Congrats on the results Matt. I never doubted you or any of My People, but I was worried about the election as a whole.

And I was wrong.

Congrats. to the whole of America.

GameCreator said...

I love kicking anthills. I'm glad Obama won and I hope he doesn't disappoint in his promise for change. Though people seem to forget that he's not the only one making relevant decisions. After all, millions of people just did.

Rob Locke said...


oh, my childhood friend... i didn't know you were politically involved....

lets stick to discussing stover, and not politics ;)

wintersquall said...

i voted, took over 2 hours due to HUGE lines... finally got to work where i promptly got chewed out by my boss... "Vote on your time, I don't appreciate paying for it.", in clear violation of state law. am still in the doghouse for it as far as i can tell... bet ya 1000 bucks he voted for mccain.

but man oh man, was it worth it :) i just people don't get their hopes set too high right at first, he's got a lot of work to do and it's not going to be easy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, USA: Well done.

The pub I was at, watching the election, exploded in salutations, cheers, and hugs.


Bob said...

Because 2nd Amendment arguments are so fun and always entirely irrational, I'd like to throw my hat in with Obama, if he's really interested in banning or limiting access to firearms.
And before any gun nuts go trying to flame me, keep in mind that I'm a small arms expert who trained with SEAL Team 3 and Force Recon MEU 11 during Operation Desert Storm/Shield. I own nearly a dozen firearms, for home protection and target shooting. Many people, including Matt, know me as Bob the Glock.
But most of the gun-toting dipshits in this country, should they - god forbid - actually endure a home invasion robbery, will be killed with their own weapon. Those of you who live by the creed, "Be afraid, be very afraid," should fear nothing so much as your own lack of training, expertise and native talent with regards to close quarters battle in a darkened home late at night. Live by the....

MWS said...

I suspect that the Obama Gun Ban is all smoke without even mirrors.

Our current Supreme Court has defined the 2nd Amendment to specifically include private citizens' right to keep and bear arms, regardless of militia status. Thus, an Obama Gun Ban would require repealing the 2nd Amendment, which requires (if my high-school civics class serves me well) a new constitutional amendment, which would have to be passed by a supermajority of both houses of Congress and then ratified by the legislatures of three quarters(!) of the states -- that is, either 37 or 38 states, depending on whether one rounds off the "half state" up or down.

The President has, in fact, no constitutional role in amending the Constitution, as the required supermajorities in both houses of Congress renders the proposed amendment inherently veto-proof.

So everybody fuckin' relax.

Dornicus said...

I supported McCain, but I have a ton of respect for Barack Obama -- assuming he can do the things he's promised. I, and most of America, will be watching him very closely. That's not to say I'll blame him for everything that goes wrong, but I do remember most of his campaign promises (hint: they're on YouTube), and I expect him to at least try.

I'm very interested. This is definitely one to watch.

As for statements on the 2nd Amendment -- I genuinely hope that, considering his background as a constitutional lawyer, his Harvard education, and the fact that bureau of justice and FBI statistics heavily support the use of firearms in self-defense, are enough to keep him from trying anything serious regarding the rights of gun owners. I myself own one firearm, and plan to own more in the future; I think firearms are an extremely fun hobby, and every range I've ever been to has been populated by responsible and knowledgeable individuals. It has been demonstrated to me, time and time again, that the average American has a great respect for the power of firearms, and the ultimate responsibility that comes with their ownership.

Anyway, moving on -- even if I don't like how it's going to be done, I support the move toward green energy. I'd rather corporations be held directly accountable for environmental damage in a court of law, but I guess taxing them into proper conduct is just as well.

I also am quite happy that we're bringing the troops home (I know some, like my good friend Warlord Grego, heartily disagree with me).

However, all that said, I was listening to Howard Stern (he's not even funny, but I was referred to this particular episode), and they were interviewing people on the street about why they were voting for Obama, attributing McCain's policies to him with questions like "So, you support Barack Obama, even though he's against stem cell research?" and "You don't mind Obama's choice of Sarah Palin as vice president?"

People still expressed support of Obama.

In my opinion, exit polls mean jack-all. Just because someone says they voted for someone because of their economic policies doesn't mean that they know squat about the economy; everyone knows the economy sucks, it's the obvious choice. No one wants to say "I voted for him because he's black" in a poll that's gonna be broadcast nationwide.

Anyway; I respect the opinion of everyone here. Please don't flame me.

Nathan said...

You are correct. But fully half of McCain's religious supporters still think Obama is or was a Muslim. The ignorance certainly flows both ways.

I for one am excited to have a geek president rather than an anti-intellectual good-ol'-boy president. People talk about being able to have a beer with McCain. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but Obama's favorite book is Moby-Dick, he collects Spider-Man and Conan comics, he makes Star Trek jokes with his wife in public, he's constantly learning from his mistakes and is actually concerned about screwing up -- he's far closer to what I can relate to, personally, than Bush or McCain or Palin. He's got the benefit of my doubt, anyway.

Which is not to say my eyes aren't open, too.

WarlordGrego said...

Obama HAS to be a good president, or there won't be another black president for a long time.

That said, I'm skeptical of him. He's not actually got a record that speaks of alot of change.

I do know that if he raises taxes, even one penny, on the average household...well, its over for him.

Andrew Timson said...

I do know that if he raises taxes, even one penny, on the average household...well, its over for him.

There is, of course, the slight problem of it being Congress who develops the budget and not the President. I'm not sure which would look worse: a tax raise, or a government shutdown that could be pointed squarely at him.

WarlordGrego said...

Andrew, I agree with you. I, perhaps, should not have said "he" would raise taxes. However, thats who the public will blame.

Expecially with the democratic majority in congress, Obama can get alot accomplished. However, I think his social welfare programs (Universal healthcare, in particular) will force a raise in taxes for more than just those making over 250k.