Monday, July 13


I have not personally verified the genuine-osity of this organization; as with any online charity site, I suggest you do so before contributing. A less-detective-work alternative would be to simply attend the auction at ComiCon.

I do know that Mr Ostrander has (by his own report) recently had eye surgery, and so I strongly suspect that this is entirely legitimate. I'm just too shy to write to the guy directly and ask.

Those of you who don't know who Jon Ostrander is, well . . . you must not love comic books, several of the best in recent memory being products of his pen (including the current Star Wars: Legacy series, and one of my all-time favorite works of serial graphic fiction, Grimjack).

Those of you who work Real Jobs are hereby officially encouraged to

1.) contribute, if possible, or at least
2.) help get the word out to other interested parties, or
3.) both.

I can speak with some authority to the devastating effect of chronic illness, and being buried in debt only makes it worse.

Full disclosure: Those of you who enjoyed Shatterpoint should be aware that my characterization of Mace Windu owes a considerable debt to Mr Ostrander's depiction of him. I don't know the guy personally, you understand; I'm just a fan.


Bob Schoonover said...

This seems to confirm the site. Thanks for the tip, Matt

BluegrassGreenDude said...

This comment is really sort of a message for the author... Mr. Stover, I can't tell you enough how much I love your Acts of Caine series. I didn't know at first it would be a series, when I (sorry) found Heroes Die in a discards bin at my university book store. I couldn't believe... Anyway, I just bought Caine Balck Knife for the Kindle, and I think the last time I bought a book new was... years ago. I'd like to think this is the start of a new habit of supporting my favorite hard-working artists, but I realize it is more selfish than that. I can't wait to read it.

MWS said...

Terrific. Thanks.

But you should read BLADE OF TYSHALLE (also available for the Kindle) before you dive into CBK.


Burke said...


Ostrander's work with Legacy has been phenominal. Thanks for the heads up.

What sources of his did you use for Mace's characterization in Shatterpoint?

On an entirely other tangent, Kotaku reported today that you're doing a novelization of God of War! ( ) S'truth? Kraatos would seem like a fun character for you to write - plenty of opportunity to flex your I-write-awesomely-detailed-fight-scenes chops.

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Just came across this. My hubby used to work with Mr Ostrander. Will pass it along. Found your post today -- a day after the auction at the con-- and I checked the site and didn't see where to actually send the money other than to heroinitiative. Thanks so much for letting us know. -C