Monday, November 30

I have just received an email from my agent, who informs me that Robert Holdstock has died.

I never met the man, but I have read his books. There are all too many people writing SFF these days who could -- and occasionally do --  leave us with barely a ripple to mark their passing; Robert Holdstock leaves us with a powerful body of work, and a RH-shaped hole in the genre.

Here's hoping to see you in the Wood, Mr. Holdstock.


pws said...

I still remember vividly my first read of Mythago Wood after discovering the series in 1993 and devouring the rest of them, and waiting for the next two. I am just flabbergasted that he's gone so soon.
The only good is discovering more pen names that he wrote under, and that I didn't even know Avilion was out.

Jacqie said...

That's bad news. I enjoyed his work.