Thursday, March 3

Ahh, the price of (almost semi-)fame . . .

Again with the misinterpretations . . .

Never did I write while under the influence. Never ever ever.

Well, okay, once.

I wrote a play in college, a screwball comedy called A PERFECTLY RATIONAL ADJUSTMENT, in which the main character was a famous playwright who'd gone bonkers and now believed he was the main character in one of his own plays (which were all screwball comedies . . .).

I did the first draft -- working late at night, after all homework and such was complete -- by downing three shots of Bacardi 151 and then typing as fast as I could until I couldn't see the keys any more (usually about twenty minutes to half an hour). Then I'd go pass out.

But that was only the first draft. And, by the way, it was terrible. I had to rewrite it six times. Sober.

Anyone who's taken a close look at my work -- especially my Caine books -- will, I think, understand that stories of such intricacy are not to be attempted while under the influence of anything except caffeine (in small, regulated doses) and massive amounts of tortilla chips. And sometimes chocolate.

The cocktails were poured only after all work for the day was complete. And they may be again.

A lot depends on how my body adjusts to the meds.

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Well, I think you brought it on yourself with that Real Serious Writer's Club comment... but still, I don't think anybody who posted really thought that you drink 'n write.


Chris said...

Ha, I'd love to read the first draft sometime. I know I always re-write anything I do on a Friday night on the Saturday morning over a coffee!

As for my comment, not sure what I was thinking exactly at the time but I know I've written many a post you've written under the influence at Dead Cities!!!!! Much to my amusement, I should add. You come off pretty well next to me as well, just ask Shev and Gabe about my drunk chat...

Barb said...

I'm with Shane--I didn't really think that. I was just going with the flow of being a Real Serious Writer.

FK said...

Well, Matt, if the situation doesn't improve, I guess I'll just have to drink your share of those first five rounds myself.

Ugh. Nevermind.

Riley (Leshrac) said...

From reading what youve wrote before Id offer to drink your share too, but you drink to hard for me. Im a froofy driker. I hate the taste of alcohol.

If you get a chance to read this slip over to my blog, and post me a line in response to mine. Ive got some ideas regarding Overworld that id like to bounce off of you..and..well you'll see what i mean when you read my first post.

Anonymous said...

That play was horrible, sacriligeous, blasphemous even.

Pete La Roche (who is wondering where his copy is ... it needs to get sold on Ebay)