Saturday, November 19

Hey, I'm back again.

Yes, I have been thoroughly engrossed in CAINE BLACK KNIFE, as well as in recovering from a nasty flu bug I picked up at WFC. I fought off the space monkeys (I have managed to adapt kali and jujitsu into the art of the Double Quantum Banana -- don't ask -- and I'm pretty sure the fuckers will never dare to trouble me again).

WFC was a treat. I spent most of the weekend hanging out in the hotel bar with R. Scott Bakker, Gary Wassner, Robert Urell and my wife, the Fabulous Robyn Drake. Getting drunk with four people who are all smarter than me (and all like to talk pretty much non-stop, just like me) is an endlessly entertaining experience. It's a good thing the convention only lasts one weekend. We'd probably still be there.

I also got the chance to spend a couple hours chatting with one of my personal heroes, Stephen Donaldson . . . and got to watch him (entirely metaphorically, and in a very gentle, good-humored way) bitchslap Joe Haldeman and Gene Wolfe on a con panel . . . which made him even more a personal hero.

I've also been enjoying watching Our Commander in Cheat pile on the lies as he desperately tries to salvage the tattered reputation of his mafioso Administration.

There, that should bring the trolls out from under their bridges, huh?


I swear by the power of All Dark Gods that I will Never Ever Ever start another novel until I HAVE COMPLETED THE FUCKING OUTLINE.

Not that it helped me much with BLADE OF TYSHALLE. But I have to have something to blame it on.

On the other hand, I have finally figured out just exactly what the hell I'm writing about, and am suddenly more interested in my own work than I have been at any time since I signed my first Star Wars contract.

Go figure.


Chris said...

I'm totally there with you on the outline thing. It's a problem I only finally solved last weekend in a mammoth note collecting operation, followed by some hasty chapter titling and re-arrangement. Now I have something to work from over the next few months.

Do you ever do the thing I blogged about last week, and find an old shorthand note that you totally don't understand anymore?

Barb said...

I agree about the outline. Although writing has been more like squeezing water from a stone lately, it's easier when I have a map to work with.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Matt. It's always pleasant when I hear about the progress and setbacks you're going through to make what is sure to be one of the novels I've anticipated the most in the last few years.


Richard Fox said...

Ever try to scribble down a brilliant outline that hits you in the middle of class or a meeting.
"Fox, what were the numbers on last months rifle range?"
'Sir I disagree, lead should block magic.'
"You're going to Korea."

Anonymous said...

I just recently finished "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever," I have to say that I was quite pleased with them. Although the books didn't really grab me at first, they were enough to hold my interest and they definitely grew on me as a progressed through them. I definitely plan on getting to the "Second Chronicles" books when I get the chance, though I've got a long list of other books on my "To Read" list.

I brng this up because you mentioned seeing Stephen Donaldson and because my impetus for picking the books up was a comment you had made (I believe) here on your blog. Maybe over at TF.N. So I just wanted to say "Thanks" for a great recommendation.

- Colin

S.Klassen said...

Good to see your still hard at it Matt. I'm anxious to read your next book.
As for an outline for stories, I've never used one to date, which is probally why most of my short stories never get finished and I'm not publishing novels. Go figure eh?

FK said...

Eventually I'm going to get an outline done for mine and stop going back and over-editing myself every time I open the file. Oh well, I'll get there eventually. Thanks for the update and hope to read CBK soon.

Anonymous said...

"...and am suddenly more interested in my own work than I have been at any time since I signed my first Star Wars contract."

Haha! That's SW. You'll love it, but it sucks so much out of you at times.

Writing an outline help me feel like I'm actually getting something done. I think that's the easy part. The cure for laziness. But expanding on what's in the outline...ugh.

As for the Cheat - quality entertainment for sure. In a way, though, it's also scary and disgusting that we have to experience the lies in the first place.

Hope you're feeling better!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you got one over on the Space Monkeys.

I finally got around to writing my outline, and then found myself changing week after week. Which just gets aggravating time after time.

I have found that if I get blockup writing one section, I will then write back-story. Not about the main charters but about the buildings or old rulers or stuff like. Nothing that effects the main story or events, but something that gives the world a history. It helps me work out mythologies for my worlds.

I can't wait for CBK


Azrof D said...

Richard Fox said...

I think the space monkeys got him.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stover, I can't find any contact information for emailing or otherwise writing you. So I'm going to have to hope that you read these comments on your blog and can respond. :) I'm just a huge fan of your work, and I would like to secure permission from you to create a MUSH (internet roleplaying game, non-graphic/text-based environment, and most commonly not for profit and free for all to use) based on your Heroes Die universe. Could you contact me at to communicate about this further?

Regards and best wishes on your future writings,
Jamie Sutton

Azrof D said...


von said...

Matt -- Can't reach you or Robyn via email. What's up? Wanted to wish your Better Half a happy birthday yesterday! :) // von //

Azrof D said...

I hope Matt's okay....

Mastadge said...

People've been having trouble sending e-mails to AOL addresses for several weeks now. I don't know what's going on.

von said...

They're finally going through-- some kind of incorrect blacklisting by aol. It took them eleven darned days to fix their own mistake. But at least it's okay now! (Hey, statistically speaking, optimistic people live longer.)

zornhau said...

"I swear by the power of All Dark Gods that I will Never Ever Ever start another novel until I HAVE COMPLETED THE FUCKING OUTLINE"

Ho ho. Glad to see pros have the same problems. Judging from the 3-month hiatus, you're up to your neck in it still.

Hope you'll write another Mavric Celtic Princess with Big Stone Axe novel.

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