Sunday, July 25

The Ep III Moment

I wrote the Moment today.

I'm reporting this because I'm pretty goddamn proud of myself; I've been working on this Moment since last Thursday. It started out to be roughly twelve pages (around 3,600 words) spread over three scenes, but it just wasn't working.

It is now a single scene of under 200 words, and I am very, very happy with it.

That's all.

Sometimes the real trick to this writing shit lies in what you DON'T say . . .


HAWKi102 said...

Matt, is that something you're trying to do more with all scenes you write?

Leave more to the imagination and cut down on words?

Mastadge said...

The Moment, eh? I'm almost tempted to go looking for spoilers to see what, exactly, the moment may be.

Out of curiosity, have you seen the Star Wars Holiday Special?

Anonymous said...

3600 to 200 words?

You must have enormous hands to hold scissors of that size. Still, the PT has been plauged by some clunky, overly-long exposition. Faster and more intense please Matt!

Good luck in adapting Revenge of the Sith.


Anonymous said...

The nearest ive gotten to writing a novel is an essay for english class, but sometimes it feels like a novel.. if you get me.

good luck with everything, and all the SW fans are behind you! :)