Thursday, July 29


I am so close to the end that I'm starting to choke.

I've blown the Aug 1 delivery date, but I should turn it in within two weeks, if my body holds out. My vision blurs, my head pounds, my hands shake --

My perception is clouded by the darkness in the Force.

You want dark? You're gonna get it.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're nearing the completion mark. Stay strong, man. I know the end product will be worth all the struggle.


Angela said...

And get some well deserved rest when you are done!

I have to add though... *drool*...can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Matt, will you drop me a line in your copious spare time? I have a question for you and can't seem to find an email address. I'm at

Anonymous said...

Heh, what can I say? Hi Matthew, how are you?:)

All right, I just want to say that all your Star Wars books are really, really great.

You know, all Star Wars novels seem to be just the same. Good heroes are a good heroes, villians are very bad villians etc etc. Only black and white and climate is always like in a GummyBears. You are the one who has changed it. In our polish SW wwww Shatterpoint is called Apocalypse Now in a SW Universe. You know, it`s just fresh. New climate, new style, all this things make SW more realistic, maybe more believable (If SW could be believable of course:)).

Just keep going because your books make me belive that Star Wars is still alive and well

MWS said...

Thanks. I intend to.