Monday, August 2

This Just In

For anyone who was interested in our discussion on government:

I apologize for the lack of a direct link (there seems to be a Gecko issue with, but what the hell). The essay's worth checking out, and worth forwarding to every cretin who thinks the best government is no government.


Chris said...

Sage words. That's an enlightening article not only in what it says about Somalia, but also in what it says about our knowledge of world affairs. I was comletely ignorant of that, and the media hasn't exactly been pushing it to the front pages either...
My A-Level history teacher once lambasted one of us who said they would not vote as they didn't believe in any of the party's ability to govern. She made, at length, the point that to not vote for the lesser of the evils is as bad as to vote for the worst.

Chris (3j)

JP said...

For those who don't want to give NYT their e-mail ID just to read the article, here's an alternative link: