Friday, August 27

Yoda gas

This from a concerned reader:

<< Mr. Stover, ugh I feel so stupid doing this, but there's no other official venue that will answer me.

People are all up in an uproar over this rumor concerning Yoda and something he does in Episode III: he farts while riding on chewie's back.

Seriously, do we have to deal with toilet humor again in this upcoming prequel movie???? Please say no.

And sorry for posting it as a comment to your update -- I haven't been able to find a contact email for you (which is probably a good thing for you!) And I've exhausted all other venues.>>

Once more, with feeling . . .

I can neither confirm nor deny the presence or absence of any character, plot point, device or other feature, actual or imaginary, in any Lucas-created or -licensed property that has not yet been released, previewed, and/or published.


Which includes the presence or absence of fart jokes.

Which is a fancy way of saying No Fucking Comment.

Not now, not ever.



Oh, okay, I'm not sorry. You should know better than to ask. You really should.


Anonymous said...

Pablo Hildago had nice things to say about your early manuscript of Revenge of the Sith over on's Episode III set diaries. He said while watching them shoot pick up scenes in England he could really feel the tension between characters as was elaborated in your novel.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Stover,

First of all, I'm thankful that you landed the EPIII novelization. I prayed that you would.

I read Traitor from cover to cover, losing track of time in a way I hadn't since I was a kid.

Since you are paid to be objective, I understand that you can't say anything about the film. I don't expect you to. People don't seem able to understand things like "confidential" or "private" anymore. Or that keeping a secret has to do with honor.

But I do have a question, since this is a personal opinion.

Do sympathize with Vader more now, as GL said we might, or has the work (not yours, but the films, and cartoons, and comics also also) cemented your dislike for Anakin Skywalker? Because, either way, there are people that love and hate both him and his alter ego, or vice versa. I always liked Vader, he was always my favorite character. I believe he has the most depth of any SW character.

Chris said...

If you're gonna play poke the bear...


Anonymous said...

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