Monday, August 30


On TV last night, I saw something I never expected to see. Never ever.

Are you ready for this?

I saw Dick Cheney TELL THE TRUTH.

Speaking at a party-faithful gathering (which, I guess, is inevitable, because neither Bush nor Cheney ever appears in front of an audience that hasn't been thoroughly scrubbed of liberals, intellectuals, agnostics and other dangerous elements) about the RNC in New York City, Dick Cheney said,

". . . we will come together in New York City for a single purpose: To make sure that George W. Bush is President for the next four years."

He didn't say: "We will present a vision for our nation's future."

He didn't say, "We will prove to the nation that Operation Iraqi Freedom wasn't just a vanity war that has diverted the bulk of our military resources away from the War on Terror."

He didn't say, "We will show the country that George Bush has made us safer, and that his policies have rescued our economy."

Shit, I could make a whole list of the damn lies he's been spouting for three years that yesterday he managed to leave off.

This time, he told the plain unvarnished truth:

"The Republican Party doesn't give a shit about anything except power. Fuck the country, fuck the world, fuck the poor, fuck the old people and the boomers, slaughter civilians by the tens of thousands, let Osama run wild, let the Taliban take over half of Afghanistan, give the militants Fallujah as a permanent base of operations. Fuck everybody. We just want to stay in power."

That's the first time since Bush I I've ever heard Cheney tell the truth.


Anonymous said...

I'm in New York pretty close to where the protests took place yesterday, and it was really incredible. Even though the brunt of the protests took place in Union Square to the north, I could still see streams of people with signs and stuff heading in that direction. I don't know if you saw any on TV, but it really shows a good fraction of the US's sentiments.


p.s. There were some crazies though....saw these three cross-dressing people riding bikes towards the same area.

MWS said...

There are always crazies. That's what makes political parties such clusterfucks in general -- there's always some fringe whackos who give the rest of the party a bad name.

But, y'know, it gets even worse when the fringe whackos end up in the White House.

You think Bush is bad? Just imagine if Nader somehow got elected.

Christ, thinking about that'll give me nightmares.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching Fahrenheit 911 and thinking Holy Crap, Bush isn't even trying!

Speaking specifically of the line that may have pissed me off more than anything else:

"Some people call you the elite. I call you my base. The haves and the have-mores." The casual joking about how much he loves the rich...

I want to say, At least I'm Canadian, it's not my concern, but goddamnit, that elephant could tip at any time.


Chris said...

I saw a quote today that tickled me:
"Why settle for the lesser evil? BUSH FOR PRESIDENT!"

Short and sweet. Still, with the amount of people who hate him with a passion I bet if he gets in again someone will shoot him.

(Disclaimer - It won't be me nor will I encourage it!)


Cora said...

I actually saw that clip of the Cheney speech on TV and thought, "Well, at least he's honest."

Still, compared to the rather staid German party conventions (where delegates knitting or nursing babies are considered the max of unusual activity), the US conventions (for both parties) seem like carnival parties. Some of the delegates I saw on TV (e.g. a guy with an elephant on his head or an enormously fat woman with a huge cowboy hat) looked just as crazy as some of the more weird protesters.

barb said...

I agree with Cora--they all looked crazy. Well, what do you expect? From the Texans, I mean. They like to think of their state as its own nation. Even the Texan flag is raised slightly higher than the U.S. I don't mean to offend any Texan readers; it was just my experience when I lived there.

What a circus. Too bad no one was selling cotton candy on the streets.
Hi, Matt--

Here's the link I told you about. I gave you a wrong URL yesterday:

I thought of a few other possibilities for you as well. If I see you tomorrow, I'll tell you about them.


Anonymous said...

oh, what you said is painfully, awfully true. Argh.
We are in serious trouble if those ^%$^&& get re-elected.
And the person from Canada... this election does affect you..who wants to have such a dumbfuck as the ruler of the country just south of you?

Shawn Scarber said...

Face it people, politicians are nothing but actors. They create the grandest illusions possible to dazzle the crowd, hire the best speech writers to excite your emotions, and people elect them based on how well they perform these functions.

Anonymous said...

Name me one politician that differs from Dick Cheney. Republican or Democrat they are all the same. Screw the country as long as they prosper. Those who can do, those who can't run for government. The only chance is the Libertarian Party.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the libertarians. Let's start a demarchy!

Progress! Progress!