Wednesday, August 18


I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining. I'm not.

Writing is HOW I rest. Sort of. As long as it doesn't need to be done on a whipcrack deadline.

Getting paid for what I do is a privilege, because I'd still be doing it even if I weren't getting paid.

I'd just be even crankier.

btw, the ms of REVENGE I turned in is about 115,000 words, which will make it roughly the same size book as SHATTERPOINT (within 30 pages or so), depending on design and typeface.


barb said...

Congratulations on finishing your novelization. Great accomplishment.

Maybe these are weird questions, but out of curiousity, when you write, how do you format it? Double-spaced, first line indent? Do you compose on the computer, or by hand? Or both?

Anyway, let me know when you'll be at Degerberg. I've added my e-mail address to my profile page, and finally posted stuff in my blog.


MWS said...

I compose wholly on computer; if it were not for word-processing technology, I wouldn't have a career. I write first, organize later.

When I get the piece in order, it looks like an old-fashioned typewritten manuscript (i.e. double spaced 12-point Courier, first line of each paragraph indented five character-spaces, no extra line between paragraphs) largely because I've been writing since long before there were word-processors, and I'm accustomed to reading manuscripts in that format. I get a better feel for them, that way; when it doesn't look so much like a finished, printed book, the weaknesses of language and story-construction stand out a bit more.

I'll let you know when I'm returning to the 'Berg; it might even be later this week, tho' I do morning classes (still workin' that night job, y'know . . .)

HAWKi102 said...

Matt it's great to hear you've completed the ms of RoTS. I hope it turns out to be best Star Wars book to date, until you come along and write an even better one.

Speaking of questions, I have one for ya Matt, I hope you don't mind. My friend and I are attempting to write a story. I'd love to have your opinion on it. I know your policy on works in progress, but this isn't a wip..not really. What we have now is staying unless we see otherwise cuz we've edited it quite a bit. I just want to know whether it's shit or not. If you're interested lemme know. My email is, but you can just make a comment here, too, cuz I check a lot. Thanks.

barb said...

I go in the morning too--less crowded. In fact, I have a class in a couple of hours and I'm ready to kick ass.