Thursday, July 22

Now, everybody dies. Everybody. Ep IV is all clones. Really. Oh, okay, I'm a goddamn liar. Whatever.

I'm over the hump on Ep III.

Yesterday, I officially passed the point where it was still possible that this book would suck.

Yes, there was a chance it would suck (up till yesterday, anyway); there's always a chance.

There was a sequence that I just didn't know how I was going to handle -- so visual and kinetic that I wasn't sure I could pull it off on the page; if I could have cut it out, I would have (though of course that was never a real option).

But guess what? I wrapped that sequence yesterday, and it came out better than I had dreamed.

This book no longer contains the possiblity of suckitude.

There's a lesson for all you little writers out there: don't quit on something just because you think you can't pull it off. You don't KNOW what you can pull off.

No masturbation jokes, either.


Mastadge said...

The way you write intense kinetic action, I'm honestly more concerned that what we see on the screen won't live up to what we'll have read in the book. . .

Anonymous said...



Is that a spoiler?

MWS said...

Yeah, that's right. It's a spoiler.

The entire population of the Galaxy gets wiped out at the beginning of Ep III and is replaced by Spaarti clones.

Right after that, Ewoks fly out of my butt.

Anonymous said...

Big Ewoks... or little ewoks? ;)

Bob said...

"No masturbation jokes either."
Man, what a jerkoff.
Sorry, Matt. No, I can't figure out why you keep me around either.