Friday, February 10

For those of you who might be wondering, STAR WARS ON TRIAL is a non-fiction (and un-LFL-authorized) collection of essays by prominent SFF writers on everything from he politics and ethics of The Saga to its effect on filmmaking and the effect its tie-ins have had on published SFF. David Brin for the Prosecution. Matthew Woodring Stover for the Defense.

Smack down.

But all in fun.


It's part of the SmartPop line from BenBella Books, which is wholly worth checking out -- they've done a bunch of middle-to-highbrow books of essays on everything from THE MATRIX to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Hell, they've even got a book out called FINDING SERENITY, the subject matter of which won't be much of a mystery to my fellow Whedonheads.

As far as Bush goes, well . . .

Not only is Heckuvajob Brownie back in the news, testifying before Congress that Bush lied about the Katrina response, Jack friggin' Abramoff is now saying "I've met Bush about a dozen times -- he jokes with me about my kids. Now he's saying he doesn't know me? I don't think so."

America, America, God shat this waste on thee . . .


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting, it's almost like a new type of writing genre. 'Fanfiction Non-fiction'. I will definatly keep an eye out.

Jarik33 said...

Um, un-LFL-authorized, huh? Hope this doesn't this mean that George will retroactively blot your name from all SW related ventures, even if you are 'defense'... cause then I wouldn't read any SW at all :)

Glad to see you back, just got a wild hair to check after giving up about a month ago...I promise I'm working on my review of Ep III, hey, I can procrastinate too... :)

Anonymous said...

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