Thursday, February 9

I'm not dead.

Nor am I gone.

I have been ill, however, but now I'm better. I have also been busy.

CAINE BLACK KNIFE is moving along. I have also completed (seemingly -- barring further news from the publisher) another project, STAR WARS ON TRIAL, on which I share co-editing credit with the justly-legendary David Brin, and which will be coming out from BenBella Books in June, and which is going to be a non-stop hoot from cover to cover.

The impeachment process requires a majority vote in the House of Representatives, to refer the impeachment to the Senate, where the actual trial is held.

Good fuckin' luck. At least until after the elections.

If the Good Guys can take back the House, though, watch out . . .

The real problem is that if we successfully impeach Bush, we'll end up with fucking Darth Cheney as President. Might as well just set fire to the Constitution before we even start.

Talk about job security.


Ricahrd Fox said...

He's alive! Huzzah!

Barb said...

Feel better, Matt. I'm glad CBK is moving along. Keep us posted on SW on Trial.

HeyRed said...

Me again, I promise not to take up the whole page this time.

I just wanted to commend you on your intelligence and using your blogspace to actually write about things that should be in the minds of most people. I also have to thank you for the glory that is Caine.

You do make a valid point about the impeachment. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". The best the American people can do is hope he doesn't do too much damage before he finally leaves office. Or he is declared some kind of 'Antichrist'.
HeyRed and Sammy (sleepyhead)
Unofficial presidents of the Matt Stover Fan Club

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick response on impeachment. I was unaware that it simply led to Cheney. Figured it meant an entire recall election like in Canada. Y'know, the country where stuff makes sense.

As for SW on trial: I'm honestly not even that much of a SW fan, but you, Lynch, Mamatas, Wright and Brin (and others I have not yet heard of) equates to hells yes.


Chris said...

Yuh, Star Wars on Trial looks like the chiznit.

Here's to forthcoming good health.

FK said...

Glad to see you back in action. I know of at least 20 people down here in BFNM chomping at the bit for CBK.

Speaking of BFNM, any word on if you guys are moving down here?

Hadrian: Dark One said...

Hey matt, good to see you. As a former SW fan(read as: Anything not by you, Tim Zahn, or Mike Stackpole that comes out now is utter crap...[and most of the NJO can suck a goat dry]) what time period is SW on trial set in? I honestly stopped reading at Darktide: ruin, and tried to get to yours, but i had to stop. I have, however, read Shatterpoint and Episode III, and loved them both. All i have to say is: "between the will of the Force and the will of Anakin, there was no contest."
Anywho. Good to see CBK is coming along.
here's to good health, slainte.

Sleepyhead said...

In response to Ryan's response about Canada being the country that makes sense, don't belive it until you live here. Did you see the Canadian people just voted in the Alberta version of George W. Bush? A man who's entire platform is based on hatred of gay marriage & undoing all the good social programs that have been muscled through by a badgering the floundering Liberal party. We don't make much sense either, we can just smoke up while we're contemplating it.

P.S. Good to see you are back on your blog Matt.

Ryan said...

Uh, Sleepyhead?

What was our option? Voting in the same people who admittedly stole from us and OH YEAH sent three of our citizens over to Syria for torture?

Instead we have a minority government that has to work with either the NDP or the Bloc Quebecois to get anything accomplished, and Hey Look! they're both left wing.

Also, minority governments can't use the notwithstanding clause, so no worries there.

La Gringa said...

Nice to see you posting again, Matt!


MWS said...

Hey, Colleen --!

Drop an email sometime. Let me know what's what.

David said...

Hot diggity dog! Just found this blog today. I'm insanely glad that another Caine novel is in the works. You're one of my absolutely most favorite authors. Keep on keepin' on :).

Anonymous said...

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