Tuesday, April 5

Dateline Boston, Logan Airport --

which is pretty damned nice in and of itself.

I got flagged as a security risk by US Airways, and so was subjected to my very first full patdown. Despite my request, said frisk was NOT performed by the nice-looking young brunette, but rather by a cheerfully efficient middle-aged bald guy.

Maybe I'll have better luck with my first strip-search.

Anyway, they were very thorough, which I actually appreciated. I thanked them when they were done. I WANT them to be thorough. That's what they're there for.

So the event at the Harvard Coop last night was pretty cool. About sixty or seventy people -- less then I was hoping for -- but the intro I got from the event coordinator was so good I wish I had a copy to post on this blog. This guy had not only read the book, but he understands exactly what is involved in making a novel out of a novelization . . . he was great, and I don't even remember his name. Richard was his first name; I didn't get his last.

And another thing: a young man offered an essay to me in a white envelope, one that he'd written for his English class. And I am such a thoughtless, ignorant, puddle-brained bastard that I somehow let it get buried in the stock signing I did after the event and left it behind.

But this is where the people at the Coop -- led by the aforementioned Richard and the thoughtful Karen Porter (whose name I know because she's the contact on my itinerary) -- they found it, and they're sending it to a certain very good friend of mine . . . along with a copy of Richard introductory essay. Which I hope he'll give me permission to post.

As for the young man's English paper -- I won't forget it again. I'll read it, and I'll tell you what I think of it. I promise.

Now, on to the reason I became the aforementioned puddle-brained bastard. The reason I can't even remember the name of the guy who gave me that stellar introduction. It's that aforementioned very good friend of mine.

It was because when I was walking in to do the event, I bumped into Bob Salvatore.


Just showed up. Because he's a great guy, and a really good friend, and he knew I'd already be more than ready to see a familiar face.

It was a gas. Shit, he asked the first question in the Q&A. I didn't point him out to the audience because, frankly, it was MY book signing and people would have instantly stopped paying attention to what I was saying because I may be Matthew Woodring Stover but he's Bob fucking Salvatore, y'know? I also didn't know if any of the fanboys in the audience still might be carrying a grudge over the unexpected Major Character demise in VECTOR PRIME . . . in fact, one of them admitted to me privately that he had been among those slagging Bob online back when VP came out, but that he'd since changed his mind about the book and thought it was really good. I told him that he probably shouldn't mention the part about the online slagging . . .

I did get to tell the story of how Bob and Mike Stackpole bullied me into writing Star Wars in the first place, and after the Q&A he came up to the table with me and hung out, which was really cool -- he didn't push himself in at all, but the fans who recognized him were kinda knocked out to find the authors of AotC and RotS together again for the first time.

I also got to have dinner with him afterwards -- hell, he even picked up the check, which'll make Colleen's tour-budgeteers smile . . .

While I'm talking Boston, I have to plug the Hotel Commonwealth, which was absolutely stellar -- the accomodations are lovely and the staff was impeccable. Listen, in my other life I work in a hotel; I know exactly what it takes to maintain even competence, let alone mastery. I have never received finer service.

I also should mention the hotel restaurant, Great Bay, which was INCREDIBLE. I worked four years in a four-star restaurant, under two of the finest chefs in the United States. I know a little bit about good food. The diver-caught sea scallops with blood-orange reduction over risotto-style Carolina rice were so good that they bafffle my powers of description. Bob and his buddy were similarly stunned by the sheer, stupendous goodness of everything they tasted. I saw a sign by the door that said Esquire Magazine had named Great Bay as the best new restaurant in Boston. Well, I haven't been to any other restaurants in Boston, but I've been to plenty in plenty of other cities, and the food here was as good as any I have ever had in my mouth. Period.

And I have to mention Jim and Ginny Bride, who were my escorts. They were both great -- great company, enthusiastic and indefatigable tour guides, friendly and knowledgable and all-around swell: setting the standard to which all other escorts will have trouble living up to.

Off to Buffalo!

Update --

Here I am in Buffalo. Just had some wings. They're better in Chicago.

Now I'm off for my very first TV appearance in which I play myself . . .

Tally Ho!


Chris said...

Fantastic to hear how well your tour is going so far, Matt. Did you tell Bob to get his butt back to Dead Cities at all? Haha. Anyway I hope the rest of the tour is as good as the first few days seem to have been.

The jet sounds like the one I got from Dallas to Fort Smith AR in December! Very 'Almost Famous' feel to it!

As for the journalists in your last post, which I missed yesterday, what the...?!?!? That's some seriously misrepresentation and twisting of your words. I guess you live and learn. Damn them. I've been around people as they've been twisting words before (more movie marketing than press, admittedly) and just though to myself "You actually can't beleive a word you're saying... can you? That vacant look in your eyes worries me..."

YesYes. Oh, and to think they put the aforementioned article on the front of CNN.com. That's right, if you didn't know. You're down there as The Man That Knows The Sith's Secrets.
Hey and look, they even put a picture of you and the reporter that wrote the peice on there!

Basket Of Puppies said...

Greets again Matt. Congrats on the exposure, even though you were misquoted. Could have gone worse: Caroline Munro once claimed she told an interviewer "I love everyone" and in print it came out "I want to fuck the world!"

Haven't read the book yet, but I will.

MWS said...

I wasn't misquoted -- I said what he said I said . . . I just said the other stuff, too; what he chose to print was the third on the list of three reasons to do the book, and only came out because he asked me about it straight out. I get a straight question, I give a straight answer.

He did nothing unethical. At all.

I just missed the hip-check.

Ben said...

At least the CNN article is good exposure. Thanks for signing all my books today Matt. You gave a great reading. I'm just sad I had to run right after I had my books signed because of a particularly evil programming project. Come back to Maryland soon! Until then I'm taking a break from the Great Book of Amber to gleefully read RotS.

Capriccio said...

Salvatore is great. I remember when VECTOR PRIME came out and he got the threats. I know many people defended him and I know that he appreciates it (as at Celebration II he remembered me as one of those defenders when he signed my copy of ATTACK OF THE CLONES), though in all honesty he didn't need defending. His words and his story were enough.

That's so awesome that your tour is turning out to be enjoyable. I'm kind of bummed that you aren't coming anywhere near here, but I'm happy enough to just be over 200 pages into your masterpeice (and don't let anyone tell you that it's not a masterpeice).

Ass kissing done. Back to the reading.

Barb said...

Hi, Matt. Thanks for sharing your tour experience. It's like we're right there with you! Oh, and, have you ever thought about moonlighting as a food critic?

Basket Of Puppies said...

MWS - " I wasn't misquoted -- I said what he said I said"

So... I guess... I misquoted you. :)

Just as well that I never became a journalist.

Robert James said...

Hot Staggering Frell, Matt! That had to be an awesome time not only meeting Salvatore, but getting to eat dinner with him. Definetely a fanboy's joygasm to see the two of you at the booksigning together, and damn cool of him to play it so well.

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Ted said...

Hi Matt, an avid reader of your books here. I especially enjoyed Shatterpoint. I have something that I think you'd be interested in reading, it's only about 2 pages.
There's no agenda, my word. Let me know how I can get it to you. Windu fans UNITE!!