Monday, April 4

Leaving Raleigh --

I'm off to Boston on the smallest friggin' jet I've ever been on. It's about the size of my car. If we have to make an emergency landing, I'll put the goddamn thing in my pocket and WALK the rest of the way.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention one of the truly coolest feature of the event at Quail Ridge the other night. The event coordinator -- the guy who introduced me -- is Clay Griffith.

Who is the current writer of THE TICK.

No, I'm not kidding.


He's decidedly cool, too -- about my age, but better looking. And with great hair.

Saw the AP news release. Funny how stuff gets twisted around. I really have to learn to just say No Fucking Comment.

I mean, this guy was asking me WHY I wrote REVENGE OF THE SITH. Simple question. And I told him the truth: I jumped at the chance to be part of the the most important cultural pop-mythic cycle in American history. Not to mention that the money's good, and the exposure's great.

So he jumps on the money. "How much did you get paid?"

Being WASPY, I don't want to say. That's where I should have said No Fucking Comment.

"Was it huge?"


"Can I say it was a six-figure advance?"

"Uh, well, no --"

"Not even six-figures? Jeez."

"Look, I --"

"High five figures?"

"Yeah, sure. High five figures."

"And royalties?"

"Writing Star Wars isn't about the royalties -- the royalties aren't much for tie-in fiction. It's about the exposure -- I go from a respected but little-known fantasy writers to one of the best-known-fantasy writers in America practically overniight. But mostly it's what I was talking about before --"

And somehow, in the article, the whole business about the privilege of being able to participate in the central pop-cultural mythic cycle of the 20th Century just got lost in the shuffle . . .

I'll know better next time.


Dark_Faust said...

I can not a list of the places where you'll be signing "Revenge of the Sith" anyway on the Internet. Specifically, will you be coming to Portland, OR? Appreciate the help. Thanks.

FK said...

Wow, Matt. Just...yeah. Now I have to watch the original trilogy again with a much deeper understanding of just about everyone. Thanks for making me think, and thank you for writing the book. There is NO WAY IN HELL that was for the money.


Brandon David Wellman said...

I wish people would realize that it isn't about the money. Just as you said, I'm sure it's amazing to be able to have the experience of writing about the universe that so many of us grew up enthralled with.

Also, as you said, a sale is a sale, but I preordered the novelization after seeing the final trailer last month, though I have all of the other novelizations in mass trade paperback. My order had to wait on another preorder, but it's on its way and, after reading Shatterpoint, I can't wait to sit down with the book!

I hope you tour goes smoothly, and that the bloody reporters somehow get some sense into their heads!


Anonymous said...

No worries, Matt; People know how press can twist stuff around. As a writer myself I know that exposure is of utmost importance, getting your name out there and your stuff read is going to ultimately make money, but its career money, more than a big cha-ching advance. Is money important? Shit yes it is, its your job aint it? A srong base of fans who know your name and like your work will bring the paycheck, and thats more satisfying.

I've only read your SW stuff, but I think you deserve to have this exposure, even with all the pains in the ass that come with it. At least after this you'll (kinda) know how to deal with that stuff.

If I could ever write anything that totally whipped a readers ass like Shatterpoint did mine (in a good way), I would deserve to have all the recognition and the best of luck that life could muster.

Virginia said...

Hi Matthew,

I waited to read your novel until after I saw "Sith". I even had you sign it at Celebration. I'm so glad. It was great. It complimented the movie and then some. I love your characterizations and I read over and over "this is Darth Vader".. I just wanted to say thanks.