Sunday, April 10

For regular readers, I have to apologize for the generalized reportorial tone of this and the last few posts -- and for what will be the next ones, too. These have to serve double duty. In case you didn't know, my tour blog is also being carried on the AOL MovieFone site, and so I'm keeping it G-Rated.

So there's no ratcock goatfucking in the text. For a while anyway.

Jacksonville --

Beautiful city. Which I know is hard to believe for people who haven't been here for a few years. But this place just sparkles. Everything is bright and clean, the buildings look freshly scrubbed, the bridges are painted and lit at night and everything's open and full of trees and man, I just really liked it a lot.

Had my first Big-Time Local TV interview -- nice warm-up for Chicago, where I face the Fox Morning crew. Down here it was the lovely and professional Kathleen O'Toole, at the WTLV studio, which has the unusual distinction of being double-affiliated -- apparently it's both NBC *and* ABC . . . exactly how that works in prime-time is more than I can fathom, but hey, programming ain't my department. I just sit in the chair and answer questions.

And Justin? I was indeed wearing the shirt . . .

And thanks to Betty Metz and her immaculate snow-white Mercedes, I was early for the interview and the event, and managed to enjoy my very first bison tenderloin at a Ted's Montana Grill (or whatever the hell Turner's chain is calling itself these days). Anyway, it was Betty's suggestion, and it was outstanding, as was her company.

Which brings us to the Books-A-Million event at the Orange Park Mall, which was . . .


For me, anyway. About two hundred and fifty people stood around to listen to me read the Introduction and answer a few questions, then waited in a line (some for more than two hours! after driving more than two hours! -- they really DO understand the Power of the Dark Side . . .) that just seemed to keep growing and growing and growing.

Thanks again to the 501st, and to the Jax FanForce for coming out -- here we had our first appearance by Mara Jade, which is also, I believe, the first appearance by a 100% EU character. Seeing as how the film of REVENGE OF THE SITH will be the very first one to feature a cameo by a character created for the EU, I thought it was exceedingly appropriate.

Also fielded a question from the audience about CAINE BLACK KNIFE -- my current post-Star Wars project, for those newbies out there -- that this morning, from checking the legendary fan-forum TheForce.Net, I discovered came from none other than the legendary Errant Venture himself!

EV -- you should have ID'd yourself by handle, man . . . I don't recognize you guys by your *real* names, y'know.

Now I'm on my way to Chicago, for my one and only Day Off, before the Big Borders Event on State Street, Monday at 12:30.

Chicago fantypes, we'll see youse guys dere!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your book and your tour. May both far exceed all expectations.

From your California inlaws,

Larry and Carol

creativelapse542 said...

I'll most surely be there t'morrow, Matt. Hopefully I can just get up from Hyde Park in time before the massive throngs of SW geeks overflow Borders and start sprawling out into the streets.

Robert James said...

Hey Matt how was the online Hyperspace chat? I would have loved to try to be there, but had to work that day. And any word on what the current book sales are at, or better yet how it's affecting CBK? One thing that it sort of aggravating me is that despite some fantastic displays with RotS, no one seems to be stocking your Caine novels at the moment for add-on sales. Del Rey needs to do some sort of push while the iron is hot...

Anonymous said...

"I believe, the first appearance by a 100% EU character. Seeing as how the film of REVENGE OF THE SITH will be the very first one to feature a cameo by a character created for the EU, I thought it was exceedingly appropriate."

Aayla Secura was on ATTACK OF THE CLONES.

Doctor7474 said...

#4 USA Today over all.
#1 Wallstreet Journal fiction.

Doctor7474 said...

#2 NY Times best seller list hardcover fiction. (Da Vinci Code #1)

FallenIcon said...

I can believe I missed you in Maryland. I wasn't even at work. I've been trying to figure out when I could get you to sign "Heart of Bronze" collection. Damn and shazbot.

Michelle said...

Hi Mr. Stover! I'm sorry I missed you downtown today. I didn't want to make the trip by myself, and none of my friends read Star Wars books. I haven't read Revenge of the Sith yet (I want to see the movie first), but I loved Traitor. I'm hoping to read one of your non-Star Wars books sometime soon. Enjoy the rest of the tour!