Tuesday, August 5

Here's the poop on the Blade of Tyshalle reprint:

I just heard from my editor that the current market conditions for mm reprints makes a re-issue of an 800-page novel from 2001 kind of problematic. (My understanding is that minimum print run is something like 5,000 copies, and none of the big chains can be counted upon to carry a re-issue.)


It looks like he's gotten the go-ahead to produce an e-book version, and also format it for print-on-demand. So some version of the novel should be available (provided any and all potential contractual issues can be swiftly worked out -- because the contract for Blade is from 1998, before there were such things as e-books and POD) for those folks who really, really want to read it before they pick up Caine Black Knife.

So, overall, not bad news. As news goes.

By the way: some turd is spamming Stover-related sites, selling discounted ARCs of CBK off eBay.

Screw this guy. He's taking money out of my pocket.

ARCs sold as collector's items are one thing. I'm okay with that. But selling discounted ARCs as a substitute for the actual book costs me money that I just can't fucking afford. If any of you feel the need to actually grab one of these, do me a favor and buy the real one too.

That's all.


Andrew Timson said...

I'm glad to hear about the ebook edition; even though I don't need a new copy of Tyshalle, I'll be sure to upgrade when it comes out. (And for your other books too, naturally!)

wintersquall said...

what a douchebag... i'll spend some time tomorrow and see if i can screw with the discount sellers plans a bit. sorry people are idiot, matt.

ebook is cool, too. re-reading reichert's renshai stuff atm, there are some parallels with his style and yours (i haven't read these since before i discovered your work) although he beats around the bush too much i feel.

hope things are going well for you. thanks for keeping active here, i'm sure everyone appreciates it as much as i do.

calandryll said...

My friend has been looking for a new copy of Heroes since his has started to fall apart. Unfortunately it is no where to be found in our general area, so it looks like he's probably going to order it off of Amazon. He got me into the series and I myself have gotten about 10 people reading the books. I'll definitely pick up a copy of any of the books in ebook format.

Alex said...

I feel a bit foolish, but what's an "ARC?" I assume it's some sort of plagirism, but the collector's item possibility threw me.

By the way, finally picked up The Lies of Locke Lamora and it was every bit as excellent as you intimated it was.

Shane said...

It stands for "Advanced Readers Copy."

I believe it's what they send out to journalists and critics and stuff like that. Could be wrong, though.

Alex said...

Wow. That seems really quite evident now. Much obliged, sir.

Bob said...

Thanks, Matt. I'll take an e-book copy of BoT any day - in theory, that one will never wear out!

Also, a big thanks on recommending Lies of Locke Lamora .

WarlordGrego said...

What an Ass. We should track him down and beat him!

Anyways, great news on the ebook. I'll definately get it.

-Greg (Squall Chitose)

steve said...

Anyone else find irony in Blade being reproduced as an electronic text?

GameCreator said...

Hah, funny. I should have thought of that.

I may pick up an ebook just to be supportive, though my copies of Heroes, Blade, Traitor and Shatterpoint are still in excellent condition (though I've read three of those books a few times).

How much would an ebook sell for?

Andrew Timson said...

Based on Del Rey's prices for other books, I would expect the ebook to retail for $6.99 (a $1 discount from what the MMPB would cost), and that you'd be able to find it at a retailer like Powells for a 10% discount on top of that.

GameCreator said...

Thanks Andrew!

Scott said...
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Scott said...
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Scott said...

Great news on the ebook! I'm on my third copy of Blade (it's my fave, after Traitor), and it's held together by scotch tape...

Problem is that stores here don't carry your non-SW works, and Amazon doesn't deliver to Singapore. I bought my existing copies while studying in Australia.

Any chance HD and Barra&Co will similarly be released as ebooks? My second copy of HD is falling apart as well, and I've never been able to find Iron Dawn and Jericho Moon. =/

For the record, I've bought your books 12 times:
HD - 2
BoT - 3
Tr - 4 (all time favourite)
SP - 1 (least favourite)
RotS - 2

It's always the Caine books that are difficult to replace; thank goodness your SW works are in ample supply.

It's really not easy being a fan halfway around the world, Matt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Borders here will carry CBK after the success of RotS...

FifthHorseman said...

So, I found an ARC of CBK at a used bookstore (mis-shelved under current nonfiction) and nabbed it right up. Don't worry, I'll be buying the real thing too, and that's part of the reason I grabbed it. I remember a thread on Frameshift at some point in the murky past where this came up. Better me than some other, less idealistic folk.

Hell, I think I'll put the ARC up on the shelf just to taunt me until release day, and take the time to re-read.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to each new project.

WiseFool said...

hmm, ok I'm as much happy as disappointed.
I was so hoping for a reprint of Tyshalle !
I'll get the ebook in that case, that's better than nothing.
I must sound a bit ungrateful, but although the ebook is cool I'm that kind of reader that just loves to actually have the book in his hands...

Anyway, 2 questions :
- When will the ebook be available ?
- Do you need to read Blade before CBK ? (ie do I have to wait if the publication dates are not in the right order ?)

And since I'm here, I'm a huge fan of Hari/Caine and I can't say enough how great Heroes Die is ! My awe, my thanks :)

Aud8tius said...

Yes, I'm lurking around old posts. I read something like this one and think, But this guy wrote some major bestselling SW novels. How can he be as worried about money as I am? (Unless you, like me, have health problems and can't afford health insurance. Then I grok it in fullness.) I'm just trying to understand the economics of writing better.

Take care and I hope your health is better. :(