Sunday, August 17

It's 2 AM
The fear is gone
I'm sittin' here waiting
The gun's still warm
Maybe my connection
Is tired of taking chances . . .

Or, y'know, maybe it's 4 AM, and maybe I'm up because my wife, the Fabulous Robyn, is competing in the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon this morning. This is only her second tri, and we have to get her to the staging area by around 5.

And maybe that song is going through my head because it was the unofficial theme of the Navy SEALS she used to hang out with in the Phillipines, back in the 80s, and I wish some of them could see her now. I'm pretty sure they'd be both surprised (a little) and proud (a lot) of the extraordinary woman she grew up to be.

That's all.


matt said...

Go Robyn! Did she do the Sprint or the Full?

I've done marathons, but always wanted to a tri. The swimming portion scares the bejesus out of me though. All those feet so close to my head:)

MWS said...

Sprint. This time. She's working her way up to the international. Two years from now, she's hoping to complete an IronMan.

I wouldn't bet against her.

NSB said...

Wow. Good for her.