Monday, August 18

Just so you know:

The Fabulous Robyn, in only her second triathlon -- and only fourth competitive race of any kind -- placed fifth in her age group (out of more than seventy competitors). She was less than two minutes off the podium.

This woman is amazing.


steve said...

That's pretty damn impressive.

How did she do in her other competitive races?

MWS said...

This was her best.

Her first two competitive races were marathons more than 10 years ago; she and I ran 'em together, just to see if we could. So while the races were competitive, we weren't, if you see what I mean.

Her previous tri was the Danskin International; I disremember her exact ranking, but she was in the top 10% overall, and did a little better than top 10% in her age group, though she didn't place.

WarlordGrego said...

Pretty impressive indeed. I'm in the army, but I hate running with a passion. She's got more willpower than I, which is something worth applauding.

Tell her we all think she kicks ass, and congrats.


scott said...

nice, that's hardcore.

must've been a decent-sized training regimen, hope you weren't too neglected ;) unless you train with her?

echoing the above poster, your wife kicks serious ass (and remind me not to run from her... it would only delay the inevitable).

EricC said...

First a response to the previous post ... only a fool would bet against Robyn, once she has set her mind on doing something.

Second ... congrats ... too damn cool

Kingofcarrotflowers said...

Um.. I'm not sure where to ask this question, so I'll do it here?

What do you think about the way Jacen was handled post-traitor, and indeed the whole legacy series. What you did in traitor was very interesting - it was the first attempt in the EU to veer away from boring jedi moral absolutism. But legacy 100% BUTCHERED that. It was back to Dark Side = Wrong, ends never justify the means. Was this the direction you had in mind for Jacen when writing traitor?

NSB said...

Matt, your e-mail address has been bouncing my e-mails back to me so I responded to your AOL address. Just so you know.

RobB said...

Impressive. Most impressive.

Joe said...

Good for Robyn, and not surprising, since she *was* the inspiration for Barra.


Ha! Good luck getting Matt to comment on the text! But if you ask me, what was more galling then the plot direction of the Legacy series *or* the view of morality espoused by its protagonists is the simple fact that they showed Jacen believing the exact opposite of Vergere's teachings. Vergere made it pretty clear (at least in that we are looking "at what the teacher teaches") that the Jedi should be viewed by their deeds, not their intentions (see also: "Batman Begins") because it doesn't matter to the galaxy they save/destroy what emotions are running through their heads.

In contrast, you've got Jacen insisting in Bloodlines that his intent is all that matters and the rest is just philosophic nonsense. Clearly, then, "what the student learns" is something very different. Problem is, that difference was never earned in LotF, and the closest they come is a few throwaway lines to the effect of "OMG! Vergere was a Sith the whole time... What a tweest!" Doesn't really work.

(This is all, of course, strictly IMO, and my apologies for the comments-hijack.)

Chris said...

Ah, congratulations to Robyn! Jesus wept, I knew she could kill me but I was hoping she couldn't catch me. That's it, I'm never getting off this fuckin' Segway!