Wednesday, August 6

Hmp. Looks like the ARC seller is an actual fan.

His testimony . . .

Go figure.

Now I feel bad for all the nasty things I've been thinking about him. Mostly.

Hey, I don't want to discourage fan activity; I need all I can get. But selling ARCs in advance of the book's release is still a Major No-No.


RobB said...

Well, he is a fan.

BTW, I reread HD last week and loved even more on the third re-read and now I'm on to BoT. It's funny how time passes and your opinion of a work changes. Not in a bad way, but one thing I'm realizing is that even though the books are about Caine, my memory put him in the story a lot more than he is.

Again, not a bad thing, by any means.

MWS said...

You'll find some of my thoughts one the subject none-too-cleverly buried in CBK.

Gio said...

I'm tempted to buy the ARC, but I won't because I'd rather read it during my October school break instead of the beginning of the term.

(Here comes the shameless fan gushing)

Even if I bought it though, I'd still feel compelled to buy CBK as soon as it's released. Matt is one of the few authors/creators whom I am eager to pay for their creations/services.

(gushing over)

That said, here's a pertinent question.

Matt, is there any particular outlet you'd prefer us to buy CBK from? Are B&M sales somehow better than online ones, or would you prefer the slightest boost in your Amazon rankings?

If you have no preference, you may want to consider placing an affiliate link to the Amazon CBK listing so you can get a little extra cut from the book sales.

MWS said...

That's a good idea. I'd do it, if I had any goddamn idea how.

I know it's not complicated. But I have no time for nuttin' right now.

Chris said...

Yeah, we really need to get that Stover pimp site sorted. With affiliate links and some mother fuckin' Search Engine Optimisation.

Was recommending you work to some science fiction fans at the pub today. They'd heard of you. In England. You are a Golden God, Stover. Fuckin' hell, it's about time publishers started treating you like one. *sigh*

tim said...

I already bought my copy, months ago. Mm-mmm, preorders.

Incidently, what's the size of the book, Matt? Is it a pocket book like Heroes, or a giant fucking kill-a-man-with-blunt-force tome like Blade?

I've been rereading Heroes Die this week on the work commute, and had to not read anything for half the trip to work because I couldn't bring myself to stop reading halfway through the Donjon breakout. So I stopped reading beforehand, to savour it all on the ride home.

Speaking of HD, do women generally enjoy the book at all? I've lent my copy to a few, and none of them ever make it to page 100.

Scott said...


Didn't you use to have the Amazon affiliate links on your blog?