Wednesday, June 23

Ep III report

Hokay, for those of you who give a shit about Star Wars, here's your Ep III report.

I'm running behind. My health continues to go in and out, and it's getting in the way. On the other hand, something about the savage struggle to write in the face of mind-numbing pain (or through the fog of mind-numbing pain-killers) is actually improving the book, I think.

I wish I could tell you which part I'm working on right now, because I'm really getting into some of the interesting shit that underlies the bright surface of the script; taking those hints and allegations and turning them into full-fledged inner lives for these characters is pretty goddamn interesting.

I can only hope it will be as interesting to read as it is to write.

That's all. Back to work, now.


Robert James said...

Damn Matt, I don't know what's ailing you but I'm sorry to hear it's giving you fits lately. As much as I'm looking forward to your next book (SW or Caine) I hope you kick this thing in the balls and feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

What Baylen said.

Stay frosty, my friend.


Angela said...

Yeah what those guys said. Hope your health isn't being too unruly and hope you feel better. :)

Cora said...

Hope you'll be better soon.

Bob said...

I'm not one for Providence, but for you, I shall make an exception and pray. Be well, mon ami.