Tuesday, June 15


gabe weighs in:

<< Dude, 'nudzh' isn't exactly a *nice* thing to call someone...>>

Which is absolutely true.

However, this is the guy who told me that if I don't start posting, my blog is dead.

I believe the phrase had something to do with "shedding readers as though I had revealed my secret affair with Janet Reno."

(And Oprah Winfrey -- who, by the way, I have met. Waited upon, in fact, and I can testify that she not only has superb taste in wine [Gaja RULES!] but she is a stellar tipper and an all-round really fine, gracious human being. I've also waited on Stedman, who didn't tip at all. Go figure.)

If there is a better term than nudzh(j), I welcome the correction.

Shit, I almost said: "The correction I welcome."

I've been writing too much Yoda . . .

On the other hand, it's worth noting again that gabe is the only reason this blog even exists. So I'm an ungrateful asshole. Go figure again.

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gabe chouinard said...

Man, the whole POINT was that it was an affair with BOTH OF THEM AT ONCE.

Not only do you call me a nudzh, but you rob me of my moments of elegant disgust... sheesh.