Friday, February 11

Y'know, I don't want to harp on the political shit, but Jesus CHRIST, look at what they're doing to my country:

Hey, We Fucking Torture Innocent Civilian Citizens of Friendly Countries Tra La

[html tutorial courtesy of the inimitable Chris M. (Ticketman) Billet.]

George Bush's first term made me embarrassed to be American.

His second term is threatening to make me furious.

How long beffore we start doing this to our own citizens? Oh, wait, sorry, we already have -- a kid who got shipped to Saudi Arabia.

If I disappear sometime this year, look for me in Syria.


Barb said...

the link works, but it doesn't link directly to the article--it goes to a log-in page. ??

Mastadge said...

New York times online is free, but it requires registration.

Shevchyk said...

Not to be a wank Matt, but this is old news up north. Are you guys really just getting wind of this now?

MWS said...

You're always a wank, Shev. That's what everyone LIKES about you.

Yes, we've heard about it -- but only heard. Now it's hit the Theshold of Undeniability.

If you get the distinction.

MWS said...

Oh, and --

Hey, Barb!

Glad to have you back around here. Say hi to everybody at the D-berg for me, too!

Chris said...

In the undeniable words of Gabe "You're a turd, Shev, a stinking Canadian turd!"

Ha. Do you guys have such thing as a citizens arrest? Start doing it on all the government monkeys you can find. Do it to Bush if he comes to town. Press charges. Tell him he's a moron. Just... Stir up crap, eh?

Oh and ha, thanks for the ref, Matt, particularly like your use of the Shevism in my name!

Shevchyk said...

Look kids, it's like a National ID card. But...y'know...without actually...getting a name-tag that says it is.

Anonymous said...

National ID card, because having a social security number that everyone uses to identify you and a drivers license in order to get anything done and a documented certificate of birth isn't enough. The DL's already have magnetic strips on them containing information about you that various places can swipe (including cops)

*rolls her eyes*
I'm beginning to think that that story I wrote a long time ago may just be more accurate than I thought.

As for the kidnapping, Jesus H christ in a rose made handbasket. I knew it was happening, and i'm *glad* they're suing the US. I'll be damned if it might not do *something*. I'm not sure what, but something.


Shevchyk said...

You guys have holograms on your licenses (sp?). Isn't know...just...a little unecessary? But then, your drinking age is 21, which also makes no sense to me.

On a slight tangent; being the little newshound that I am, I came across this terrific little site today:

Anonymous said...

You know, Arar was the Time Magazine Person of the Year (Canadian edition)



Anonymous said...


The Wisconsin state license has a hologram of the state seal printed across the card and the state name in pretty holographics as well as the state seal as a "watermark". Among other safety features.

The Minnesota state license has similar precautions including a holographic loon and other bits.

They're kinda like carrying mini passports with you, they have your age sex, hair color, weight, height, etc, and a picture for comparision.

I'm pretty sure that most of the states have moved to something similar in the past years. At least most of the IDs that I've seen have.

The holograms and other safety features were originally issued to keep down the number of fake licenses that people could easily make in their own home, versus actually paying to have it done by a "professional". :)

And the drinking age is linked to the reasoning behind the licenses :)


Gio said...

Finally found your new blog page, after clicking on the old s1ngularity page about 1000 times since it went down. Of course, it doesn't help that I can't access from work, so I didn't have much of a choice.

Glad you're still blogging, Matt. I got in touch with "publicist from hell" Colleen to see if she could include Miami in your traveling circus schedule, but she said I would need to find a bookstore that could guarantee at least 300 fans.

Heh...and I thought an offer to take you out for dinner would clinch the deal.

Chris said...

Ha! If you just need a book store that does 300 I know one in London... HarHar.

Anonymous said...

You know what pisses me off the most about this kid getting tortured? My government, the Canadian government, doesn't give a shit. We just bend over for the Americans and take it.


We have a commercial on TV up here celebrating how we gave up reasearch on the avro arrow because America asked us to. You know, so you guys could stay ahead of us.

I'm convinced that if Martin had been Prime Minister when Bush asked us to join him in Iraq, he would've said yes. Even though our military is a bigger joke than our sovereignty.

But i'm sure you people don't care.