Friday, February 18

Trust Me

Here I am, trying to calm people down, and I seem to be whipping them up.

Does it work the other way, too?

Anyway, here's the Real Fucking Deal:

Trust Me.

You Will Not Be Disappointed.

I Do Not Hold Anything Back.

The point is that I'm just Better At Shit now than I was when I wrote HEROES DIE. I'm better than I was when I wrote BLADE. And I have absolutely no interest in repeating myself in my work; the lovingly pornographic violence in HEROES DIE is there for a reason. If I need it again, I'll use it again, but I have, I believe, since developed new and more powerful techniques for achieving emotional and intellectual affect, and I'm gonna use them. All of them.

That's all.

Fear Not, Beloved Readers.

Shit, folks, remember that I am the author of the Dead Cities Artists' Pledge.

Those of you who don't know what the fuck I'm talking about should run, don't walk, RUN, on over to [dead cities ver3.0] right now.

right here

I'll see you there.


HAWKi102 said...

The Dead Cities Artists' Pledge:

I Swear by the Power of All Dark Gods that I Will Write Every Fucking Word Balls-Out for Glory.

FK said...

Aww, don't make it easy for them. You have to make them work for it.

M.R.M. said...

Shit, dude, I'm not worried.

I'm just looking forward for the fucker to come out. :)


Shevchyk said...

I'll be first in line Matt. Not worried an iota.

And on a totally random note - will someone spread this fucking news around town a bit?

Anonymous said...