Thursday, September 22

All I can say to this is --



John H said...

I notice a lot of links to the NY Times. I am curious to know what other sources of politcal news/commentary you read? I am a fan of the Washington Post with the NY Times is a close second.

MWS said...

The Times has the best writers.

Though I'm still saddened that Safire has retired. I wasn't a fan of his politics, but the sonofabitch could write. The house conservative who replaced him -- Tierney -- is a lightweight who's not even worth getting mad at.

I don't have time to read many news sources. The Times is largely the paper of record.

Other than them, I like the Onion. I'll look at other papers if something interesting pops up, or if someone sends me a link. I often enjoy op-ed-style (since they don't really have an Op-Ed page) pieces from the Christian Science Monitor.

Barb said...

I thought you learned how to make URL's actually link to the pages. Heehee.

Chris said...

Bahahaha! He did.

What do you think of Time, Matt? I just subscribed. As I said to Shev just now, bias isn't something I much care about as I like to think I'm smart enough to spot it and understand why it's there, and I definately like the writing style and depth of research. I guess at the top the best writers come to you... which reminds me another thing. I saw Shattered Glass recently and was impressed, a bit (at least until Hayden threw a far too-Vader wobbly), and also curious about the magazine it was based on. It's unheard of here, just how big is it in the States?

Wow. The End. I'm going to compile my posts here into an epic one day.

MWS said...

I did learn how to make the links. And promptly decided not to bother.

Time is okay. Their editorial bias sets my teeth on edge, as it does spin the coverage of their stories. However, they do some quality in-depth reporting nonetheless.

Shattered Glass I've never heard of.

Anonymous said...

Shattered Glass is a movie about Ron(?) Glass, a reporter for the Times that often wrote stories he made up. He got away with it for alot longer then you would hope.

Chris said...

Apparently no more capable at getting facts right than signing up for a blogger username, assuming that's our troll back again.

His name was Stephen Glass and he wrote for New Republic magazine. If that's part of NYT, my mistake, but that didn't come across on what I've seen and read on the subject.

Chris said...

Perhaps, NYT-wise, you're thinking of Jayson Blair?

MWS said...

Isn't Ron Glass the guy who played Shepherd Book on Firefly? -- and an alum of the late, much lamented Barney Miller . . .

Shevchyk said...

Ron Glass was Shepherd Book on Firefly, and who will be making an appearance in the forthcoming movie 'Serenity,' which is the movie-sequel to the aborted television show.

Steven (Stephen?) Glass is the former writer of the New Republic who fabricated 27 of his 41 or so stories, or whatever the exact number was that he wrote.

More on him here.

Chris said...

Honestly, it's an amazing story. The film is pretty standard stuff, but it has good turns by Peter Sarsgaard (sp.?) and occasionally Hayden Christensen. Even though it could have been better, I'd reccomend it just to see the story of what happened. I haven't seen anything to suggest that the film was inaccurate either.

Hadrian: Dark One said...

This is COMPLETELY off topic... But I don't really care.

What sort of things bring a character to life for you? You know everything about this character. You could tell us about the character's favorite ice cream flavor, pizza toppings, what he likes in women and what he thinks he likes in women. You've pretty much spent a long time 'chillin' with the character, throwing him into different situations, getting to know him.
Yet, they are still kinda flat. something about them hasn't clicked yet.

For me, that's finding the character's song. something that has been written by someone else, that describes your character to a T.
As if you heard a song and thought, 'that person is singing about me.'
Caine's song, to me, is Limp Bizkit's My Way.
Now. I think fred durst is the wrong person to sing it, his voice makes it sound like a little bitch complaining, but the energy of the song is perfect.
"This time i'ma let it all come out, this time ima stand up and shout, im-a do things MY way, My Way or the Highway."

the reason i bring this up is that i just found my main character's song.
So, What is it that cements the character as real in your mind?

Hadrian: Dark One said...


Aside from '15 minutes of filmdom'(the lightsaber battle between Anakin and Obiwan) i really think Serenity has been the one movie I have waited the longest to see.
(x-men doesn't count. I heard about the POSSIBILITY of a movie ten years before one came out, but that was little kids hoping, and I forgot about an x-men movie until i saw a preview)

for a quantum dork tie in, does anybody know if Joss Whedon is still writing astonishing x-men, or if the one year stint was all he got?

banzai cat said...

I know this isn't on-topic but when I heard of this news, I immediately thought of Blade of Tyshalle.

Deadly plague hits Warcraft world

Talk about art imitating life imitating art.

Azrof D said...

What if this has all been bush's plan from the beginning? What if his goal is a military state?! I see it now...He's not an idiot! He's FUCKING brilliant and evil beyond belief!

Shevchyk said...

If it works, saves lives, and is more effective than assorted NGO's, local forces, etc., I'm going to have a hard time aruing against it.

And that's a real issue that people have to face eventually in light of the collosal response failure during the first recent hurricane.

Azrof D said...
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Azrof D said...

Perhaps the most thought provoking quote I've generated lately..."Stigmatics bleed from their *hands *"
(Read: Perception is reality)

Ben said...

If some people are tired of copying links, they should download Firefox and then get Linkification.