Friday, September 9

And another thing

Bill Moyers has the right of it.

As usual.

Read, and shudder:

Those of you who have read JERICHO MOON, of course, are already familiar with his Old Testament exegesis. The rest, however, is pertinent.

Ahh, fuck.

Why didn't *I* "preserve my political viability"?


Chris said...

Hmm, I like this:
As a Christian realist I honor my inner skeptic.

BUT, who is this guy? You got a little more information on why you don't like him? I might be being stupid, but I'm not in America and I've never heard of him. Sometimes I'm glad Christians are swept under the carpet in the UK, weird as that sounds from me...

Chris said...
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Chris said...
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MWS said...

No, you missed it.

Bill Moyers is one of my heroes.

One of the last remaining Great Independent American Journalists.

The "read, and shudder" business was his revelation of the "Patriot Preachers" or whateverthefuck those anti-American whackjobs are calling themselves these days.

Chris said...

That's good 'cos I was thinking a lot of what he says makes sense. The sweeping under a carpet part is a little vague, I mean in a political way, re: what he's talking about in the article. I was also having a conversation with a Norweigan friend as I wrote that, about how their election comes out and she hopes the Christian party fall from power.

Scott Lynch said...

Matt, screw viability! Just dive right in. You should put your name forward for consideration as Supreme Chancellor. Valorum's not looking like such a hot ticket these days, and your main opposition would be Bail Antilles from Alderaan (nice guy, but let's face it-- no balls) and whatshisnuts from Naboo, that Palpa-something. A nonentity. You could totally clean up.

Anonymous said...

Moyers is awesome. And this is one of the best articles on this problem I've read. You can't ignore the OT, whether you're Jew, Christian, or Muslim (or Sikh, for that matter, or Baha'i). People who claim any of these religions are entirely about love...didn't read the whole book.