Thursday, September 29

So I've been thinking about this constitutional law thing. I've been thinking --

What's the point?

Witness the following case study:

In June, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Bush Administration's policy of detaining foreign nationals without legal process at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station was illegal. The Court determined that the prisoners could not be held in a prison beyond the law, and were entitled to basic legal rights. MacArthur Justice Center attorney Joseph Margulies is the lead counsel for petitioners in Rasul v. Bush.

I recently heard Mr. Margulies interviewed. He described the "legal process" the Bush Administration had established in response to the Supreme Court's decision in Rasul.

The detainees are examined by a military tribunal (not a federal court, as required under Rasul) without access to counsel (also unconstitional, under Rasul) and without even access to the evidence against them (do I need to repeat the U-word? How many times?).

You get it?

They are expected to rebut evidence they're not even allowed to see. Evidence that they face under the presumption of guilt.

This is not American justice. It's Kafka's worst nightmare.

These people have been disappeared. And they'll stay that way until somebody decides, arbitrarily, to let them go.

Fuck constitutional law. The Bush Administration already has.

The truly scary thing is: Under current Administration policies, they can do the same thing to American citizens.

They can do the same thing to you.

They can do the same thing to me.

Anybody out there taking bets if Hurricane Katrina might end up being the American version of the Reichstag fire?

All the people gathered in Washington last weekend to protest the war in Iraq, the War on Terror, the war on whatever the fuck -- you just don't get it.

The war is just an excuse.


Shane said...

So what's the end game, exactly? What's the overall goal? Is Bush aiming to become the first president to have ever served a third term, or is he simply out for more money, since apparently having more than God just doesn't quite cut it these days.

Maybe my 21 year old brain just can't process it all. I'm certainly done making statements around here that only serve to prove how little I know about politics, so I'll just stick to questions.... I just can't fathom it. What is the endgame? Why destroy every ideal and principle this country was founded on? Why fuck our people over to the point that we're stumbling toward another Great Depression?

I don't know that society can function on this vertical-climb race where the rich get richer and the poor get dead for another couple of decades. Public schools are a joke, entertainment is a joke, asking questions makes you un-American these days.... Why, why why why why?

I'm 21 years old and I've never known this country to be anything but exactly what I see before me. I have no memory of being on better times, or having a country that really stood for truth and freedom.

Can anything be done? Why have we sunk so low that our future generations are born more clueless than I am....

Why? And is it even possible to fix it?

Shawn Scarber said...

Have you read any Leo Strauss? If you want to really know what's going on, there's a good place to start asking questions.

I also have some pretty reliable information that says that combined military forces are running a set of war games in N. Carolina that primarily involve scenarios of civilian warfare.

This would be understandable if the models were of Middle Eastern or North African cities, but apparently they are distinctly designed to be the typical mid-western town, with citizens using readily available US weapons. Our military is getting conditioned for homeland warfare. I find that just a tad worrisome. This isn't our country anymore.

When I can get some hard evidence of this--apparently there's a video or two exchanging hands among the lone-gunmen types--I'll point you in its direction.

Scott Lynch said...

Shane, how many terms did Franklin Roosevelt serve? ;)

Bah! This whole rant is a sham, a travesty! Clinton got a blow job! Don't you people understand? CLINTON GOT A BLOW JOB!

Chris said...


*mutters something nearly silent about not... eight weeks...*

Chris said...

Hell, it wans't even in his term was it? Wasn't he about twelve or something?

... didn't Bush smoke weed? Was that Clinton too?

Er, yeh. Sorry. I'm British.

Shane said...

"Shane, how many terms did Franklin Roosevelt serve?"

Scott, obviously I'm not a history buff. This could be another example of the failures of public schools, but that would probably be a copout, and that's not my style. I'm at least trying to learn.

It's not easy looking up to a guy who you know is about a dozen times smarter than you and hangs out with other people who understand and talk about concepts that are probably going to take you another decade before you really begin to comprehend. It's made worse having forked tongued intellects smack me down every time I pipe up and try to learn something instead of sitting idly by in my blissful ignorance.

I'm trying. Get off my nuts.

Scott Lynch said...

Dude, I don't use smilies when I'm smacking people around. Cool your jets. Come on-- you say you've been watching Matt for some time, -surely- by now you must know what a smackdown actually looks like, right? Although I've never been called a "forked-tongue intellect" before; that's kinda cool.

FYI, Franklin Roosevelt was elected to -four- terms as president, the only president to be elected to more than two terms. He served very little of his fourth term before dying on April 12, 1945.

Anonymous said...

Also FYI, Franklin Roosevelt's legacy may have been the most far reaching of any president, ever. Unfortunately, nearly all of the things he brought into existance are being dismantled by Bush and Company.

Chris said...

Wow, Shane, you're an angry young man! I just clicked through to your website:

>> If you've paid money (beyond postage) to get your book in print, then you are not a published author. You're a faggot.

I want to put you in a room with Gary Wassner and two swords, then sell tickets! :) <-- Smiley

Heh, but I don't intend to dig, since I respect your urge to learn. As I expect Scott does.

I had no idea about Roosevelt either, and I studied American C20th history, to an extent. That must have slipped under the radar.

Shane said...

Ignore the website rant. It was primarily targeted at this jackass who seems to think his opinion is worth more now that he's a "published writer." So because he paid someone 700 bucks to put his book into print he suddenly thinks that he's "amongst the greats."

Anyway, sorry Scott. I just feel like every time I say something around here somebody's pointing out I'm a moron. Obviously that isn't stopping me from chiming in from time to time anyway, but admittedly I do spend probably ten times longer scrutinizing over every word than I do anywhere else.

Anyway, I'm not trying to hijack this blog entry. I just wanted to apologize if I jumped the gun.

Chris said...

If he paid $700 to that dickweed publish place that I can't remember, but expect Shev or Scott to name imminently, then he is a jackass. Anyone with google should avoid that trap. He's probably also a crap author.

Self-publishing on whole can work though.

Shawn Scarber said...

Speaking of lawyers. I just heard what you're working on with Glenn. Can't wait to see your defense! What a cool idea.

MWS said...

It'll be fine, assuming Glenn can line up WITNESSES for the defense . . . it's not that easy.

I could make all the arguments myself (Lord knows I have a friggin' stockpile) but they're not paying me enough to do that much writing . . .

MWS said...

Anonymous posts are deleted without reply.

Sign your work or fuck off.

Azrof D said...

No movement lately. Thought I'd share:,,13509-1811332,00.html

Ben said...

Anyone else think Harriet Miers looks like Emperor Palpatine?

Chris said...

Mr. Stover,
I have read all of your books and love them. I absolutely am in love with your Caine series and I was wondering what the latest news for Caine Black Knife was.