Thursday, September 15

And for those of you too busy, too apathetic or too disgusted to listen to the Roberts Supreme Court confirmation hearings, here is a useful summary from David Brooks, the brighter of the two house conservatives from the NYTimes OpEd page:

It is, in fact, the most incisive column he's ever written.


Sleepyhead said...

I would like to say that becoming involved in your universe has been an interesting journey for me. I bought your novel Blade of Tyshalle because I like the cover art. I've read it 4 times because it blew my bloody mind. I wanted to find out about you as an author & found this blog. I now read it every day because the shit you find out about & post here blows my mind. If anything, reading your books has made me become more interested in paying attention to the world around me. (Which is sadly, more frightening, confusing & horrifying than anything I read in current fiction today.) Thanks for the wake up!

MWS said...


This is just stuff I read. Sometimes stuff I think about.

What you make of it is up to you.

Azrof D said...

I can honestly say that both Matts books and the opportunity to "know" him here as a real person have facilitated a change in me. His books' perspectives and the clear way he cuts through bullshit have taught me quite a bit about myself and people. Then again, with an open mind, I'm fairly certain most of us can learn from those around us who cut through the crap.

Matt just does it with an awesome plot!

Wintermute said...

In the same vein as "sleepyhead", I'd like to say that this blog alone justifies the invention of the "blog". I love getting insight into the mind of my favorite author.

PS: I'm holding my breath until your next novel comes out.

Richard Fox said...

I rather enjoyed that editorial. For some reason I thought Dave Barry wrote it.

Anonymous said...

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