Thursday, September 22

My gods, how I hate these bastards.

Hate is not a word I use lightly.

This is unconscionable.

Read it and scream:

It does show, however, that Republicans are not all of a stripe: John McCain, at least, is doing his level best to cauterize these festering open sores upon the body politic.

I have, however, little hope for his success. Because I have no doubt that many Democrats will cooperate, Russ Feingold notwithstanding.

As Supreme Chancellor Palpatine so memorably put it: "All those who gain power are afraid to lose it."

Or you can simply quote Stover's Rule of Politics: "Politics is the science of human nature, and so it is governed by the three fundamental principles of human behavior: Greed, Stupidity, and Fear."


Kip Watson said...

C'mon fella,

I'm a conservative, but I followed your link thinking, 'OK I'll see what he has to say'

But you really have to make your posts either:
a) a well reasoned argument
b) a personal tale that might be interesting, or
c) funny.

If it's just going to be "they're b#stards and I really really hate them", why would I bother reading any of your other posts...?

MWS said...

You shouldn't.

MWS said...

Unless, of course, your drive to feel superior leaves you helpless in the face of an overpowering urge to post pointless scolding.

In which case, feel free to scold me for whatever reason suits your fancy.

Anonymous said...

When I read the words "Greed, Stupidity, and Fear", I flashed on Bill Clinton for some reason.

Wierd, huh?