Thursday, September 15

File this one under "Ohhh, Christ, my head hurts . . ."

With thanks to Hawki102, for the link.

File this one also under Non-Partisan Idiocy.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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MWS said...

What does the phrase "Non-Partisan Idiocy" mean to you?

Did you think you were the only one who actually read the fucking article?

Just how stupid are you, really?

I mean, up until now, "pinhead" has been only a semi-affectionate nickname.

Since you still refuse to give yourself a handle, I suggest something along the line of Rabid Cretin. Short and punchy. Easy to remember.

And accurate.

MWS said...

Furthermore, I'm sick to death of cowards.

Unsigned posts will be deleted without reply.

Scott said...

If the RAW Story is true, it's the end of the Republic.

God save us from politicians.


HAWKi102 said...

Your welcome. Just figured this was just one example of what you've been trying to tell the masses of Stover fanatics these past few days. Some haven't got it yet, but it's hard to deny what's in that article.

Anonymous said...

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